Bora Bora Dreaming Spa at Phillip Wain Starhill Gallery

How did you spend your 2014 New Year eve day? For me, it was a pampering day to reward myself for all the hard works in year 2013. How? I had the New Bora Bora Dreaming Spa at Phillip Wain Starhill Gallery.
Before I share with you my review of the treatment, let me tell you a little bit more about Phillip Wain. Phillip Wain has been an Asian leader in fitness and beauty industry for more than 30 years. Started in Hong Kong, Phillip Wain is a fitness and beauty centers exclusively for women only, it is now also available in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. 
Strictly NO MEN Beyond this door!

Phillip Wain is the award holders of Asia Fit - Asia’s Best Fitness Club, and coveted Superbrands for many years. Phillip Wain is the region’s premier practitioner of the pioneering one-stop total beauty service, with the exponent of Health Quotient-HQ for women.
Phillip Wain Malaysia has 2 clubs in KL – Millennium Tower and Starhill Gallery. The club in Starhill Gallery was shifted from The Weld year ago, hence it’s still brand new and it’s really spacious.

Let me show you some pictures of Phillip Wain Starhill Gallery club that I took that day. It has a lot of facilities such as gymnasium room, spa treatment room, facial treatment room, body slimming treatment room, Aerobics studio, health juice bar, lockers, steam, sauna, and a SURAU for their Muslim customers.

Phillip Wain offers a variety of choices at the Juice Bar. Each item is also listed with its calories.
I was given a locker key, tower and bathrobe to change before my treatment.
Bora Bora Dreaming Spa is an enjoyable spa treatment throughout the whole 2 hours. 
First, the masseur scrubs my body with Bora Bora Island sands and Polynesian Lagoon Mousse mixture. The ocean sands originates from minerals with therapeutic properties, it relieve skin diseases and allergies. Its granular shaped makes excellent body scrub to remove dead cells hence it’s well known around the World as a natural skin exfoliator. Bora Bora ocean sands contain sediments & minerals present in sea water for deep skin penetration, and it’s an ingredient key in smoothening skin. The mixture smells really nice and relax because the Lagoon Mousse from TEN, an Italy brand contains pineapple, papaya, and Monoi de Tahiti(Tiara flower). It reveals the glow on my skin instantly.
The masseur then sprinkled Aqua Mist which enriched with extracts from Blue gardenia, Jasmine, Orchid and a synergy of vitamins all over my body to balances and envelopes the skin with essential hydration. 
Then, my body is ready to be slather with delicious body butter mask and wrap with thermal blanket. Phillip Wain chosen TEN delicious body butter mask because it is hand-picked from the best ingredients like Cupuacu Butter from the rain forest and prized for Phytosterols, Noni extract known as the “Tree of Life,” Coconut Milk, Carrot Oil and Tamanu oil. This combination of ingredients is necessary to moisturize and regenerate skin. I truly relaxed and felt asleep during the body butter mask and thermal blanket wrap.
After this, a deep relaxing body massage with Pevonia massage blend was done. The massage was complemented with a soothing lavender scented eye pillow to pamper my eyes and therapeutic hot stones on my shoulders as well as in between the toe to slowly release and peel away tension.
I was offered a cup of ginger tea after my Spa Treatment.
My skin is babying soft, velvety smooth and moisturized instantly after the treatment. I felt total relaxation and energetic in my overall well-being. What’s more, the result is so prominent that my skin is still nourished and glowing even after more than a week now. My hubby enjoy touching my radiant smooth skin everyday now lol.
What I like about Phillip Wain Bora Bora Dreaming Spa is the masseur is really experience; she has good technique to make me feel really comfortable. From our chatting, I found out that she has been working at Phillip Wain for more than 10 years already. This is good because customer could book their favourite masseur without worrying different masseur was assigned to each treatment, which I always experience in many Spa centers, where their turnover is so huge and each and every time I go I was served by different people.

What’s more, every spa room in Phillip Wain has an attached private bathroom, which means we do not need to go out to common bathroom to take a shower in between the treatment. This is my first time having Spa at such spacious room with own shower, I’m really impressed. The Spa room is also equipped with a TV which customer could choose to switch it on or off during the treatment.
As a conclusion, Phillip Wain Starhill Gallery is a very pleasant place which I will visit again for sure.
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cre8tone said...

So nice!~

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yeah Kylie, Phillip Wain is really a nice + relaxing place for us Women. We should love ourselves more by relaxing & pampering ourselves once in awhile, don't you agree? ;)

laura said...

I read your post and i appreciate your efforts. The information that you share in the above article is very nice and useful .All the things that you share with people, are very nice. Thanks for this article

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thank you Laura. :)

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