Johnson’s® Baby Blue Bath Media Interview with Dr. Leong Yin Fon

Do you know, what suits you MAY NOT suit your child? Well, thanks to The Butterfly Projects and Johnson’s® Baby for the invitation, a few of Butterfly Mommies were invited to a media roundtable Interview with Dr. Leong Yin Fon to know more about How toddler’s skin is not ready for adult cleanser, as well as the continuous need to keep toddler’s skin moisturized.
L: Dr Leong Kin Fon, Paediatric Dermatologist with Hospital Kuala Lumpur 
R:Ms. Irene Cheah, Group Brand Manager of Johnson’s® Baby

First of all, we were greeted by the lovely emcee of the day who is also a mother of two. 
She told us that Dr Leong Kin Fon is currently a Paediatric Dermatologist with Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He has own a professional experiences from a number of hospital in Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, Africa and England. He has also published 2 research papers and another one is on its way too. Dr. Leong is also an Ordinary Member with the Malaysian Medical Association since 2001, and also a member with Medecins Sans Fronteires, or better known as ‘Doctors Without Borders’.
Dr Leong is a very polite person. He shared with the media that Baby skin is different from adult skin. Baby skin cells are smaller and 30% thinner in structure and it has less lipids than adult skin, as well as less natural moisturizing factor. Baby skin lose water faster than adult skin. Even though people think that water is best to use to clean baby skin, but indeed, a cleanser is important to clean unwanted material effectively. Cleansing helps prevent undesirable consequences such as infections. Its not just killing the 99.9% germs, but modify the local environment for ‘good’ bacteria to grow.
Parents take note!

As Parents, we need to be careful when choosing a cleanser for babies from so many varieties in supermarkets. Very often, we tend to choose our babies’ cleanser based on the packaging, or if it has written organic or natural, or if the cleanser is foam type because we thought that more foam is good. Yes, foam cleanser seems like very effective to clean the dirt, but effective doesn’t means safe! In fact, do you know the Type and Structure of the surfactant determines cleanser mildness? The Different Combinations of surfactants also determine cleanser mildness. Mixing Surfactants in Baby cleanser can increase micelle size micelles. Large micelles penetrate skin barrier less and irritate less too.
Remember, Babies need mild and gentle baby products!

Hence, Dr. Leong has listed the 6 points below for parents to choose a safe and gentle cleanser for their children;

1) Removal of dirt and harmful gems

2) Select on pH5-6 - this is optimal because alkaline based cleanser will activate enzyme and make the skin more prone to sensitive, irritation and itchiness.

3) Hypoallergenic

4) Minimal irritation – Be mild and gentle for non-sensitive type of babies’ skin, non-irritating and non-sensitive.

5) Moisturizing – a mild and gentle cleansing product for babies should maintain the skin hydration without disrupting its pH, lipid and humectants.

6) With approved low allergenic potential preservatives and fragrance

When we are in doubt, we could check the label from or We could also try the cleanser on babies at small part of skin. Only when the skin has no reaction after 3 to 4 weeks, we can then use it on the baby without worrying.
Ms. Irene Cheah, Group Brand Manager of Johnson’s® Baby shared with us the 119 years of science in Johnson’s® Baby. Johnson’s® Baby developed its first baby product back in 1895, even before I was born! It has then introduce more and more baby products through the years. Johnson’s® Baby celebrated No More Tears® 50-years anniversary as a valued and registered trademark in year 2009.

No doubt, Johnson’s® Baby is the expertise in defining baby care. Over 119 years, Johnson’s® Baby has been a leader in understanding infant skin needs and creating products that meet these needs, they also understand between baby & mother and designing products to reinforce this natural bond. Since touch and eye contact is the earliest way that mother and child can share their loving bond, thus Johnson’s® Baby’s commit to take care of babies skin and eyes the best they can.
See, All my Happy Johnson’s® Babies and Toddlers!

Johnson’s® Baby plays a strong commitment to safety and performance. All products undergo thorough safety review and clinical safety evaluations. Clinical studies are performed to ensure mildness to both skin, eyes and hair and to demonstrate skin benefits. Johnson’s® Baby understand how babies’ skin, hair, and eyes are different from and more vulnerable than adults.

Johnson’s® Baby is the only brand that promises ‘No More Tears®’ and ‘Clinically Proven Mildness®' for its products. The products are ultra-gentle and effective, and has been tested by experts to ensure they are pure, mild and gentle, safe & non-irritating.
Johnson’s® Baby cleansing range included Johnson’s® Baby Bath, Johnson’s® Baby Peach Bath, Johnson’s® Baby Bedtime Bath, Johnson’s® Baby Cooling Bath, Johnson’s® Baby Milk + Rice Bath to accommodate different needs of babies.

For more information of Johnson’s® Baby, go to or

Oh before I ended this post, would also like to share that Johnson’s® Baby is having Baby Bath Exchange program at many locations in Malaysia. Check out their Facebook Page to find the location near you and bring along a bath bottle of another brand and exchange it for a JOHNSON’S® baby Bath 200ml for free.

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