Get to the Root of Hair Fall!

L’Oréal Paris introduces its first-ever haircare range enriched with the power of Arginine to prevent hair fall right at its root. 

From the ends to the roots, our hair goes through a lot. It never gets a minute’s rest. One moment, you’re brushing it and pulling it back. The next, you’re combing and teasing it. When the body goes through hormonal changes, malnutrition and fatigue, our hair gets effected as well. Ageing as well as stress come into play, affecting how your hair looks and feel.

Our hair is further put to the test when it comes to styling, what with it being coloured, bleached, blow-dried and more. Add on constant exposure to the environment, harsh UV rays as well as pollution – there’s really no respite for what should be your crowning glory.

With this constant “abuse”, hair becomes weaker and more fragile. In its weakened and fragile state, hair’s bulb and fibre are compromised, which is where the strength of the hair lies. Failure to receive the essential nutrients it needs to grow such as protein, hair fibre – which is made up of scales – is unable to properly adhere to one another. Hair weakens further, protein content decreases, and hair loses all of its strength. Gradually, the scales detach, resulting in hair fall. 

Nobody wants to be a victim of hair fall. Which is why you need to take charge of it right at its roots. Your answer to that?  L’Oréal Paris Fall Repair 3X, a complete solution that gets to the root of hair fall. Thanks to years of research by the L’Oréal Advanced Research Laboratories, Fall Repair 3X is enriched with a powerful active ingredient for its high-performance formula for amazing haircare results. 

The name of the powerful ingredient?
Arginine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in hair’s keratin.
Without Arginine, hair simply cannot grow as hair bulb no longer produces hair. As it makes up 9% of all the amino acids in the hair fibre, Arginine is one of the major protein components for the hair. Not only does Arginine help hair grow more resistant, it is also essential in maintaining hair fibres’ capacity for longevity.

A true energiser, Arginine boosts the strength of hair. It unclogs hair bulb by reactivating microcirculation, optimising the supply of essential nutrients to hair so that its potential for strength is restored.

Arginine also carries a dual positive charge that strongly draws itself to fragile hair that carries a negative charge. In other words, fragile hair is attracted to Arginine, resulting in this powerful ingredient to be fully infused into hair fibre. Even on the very first application,

Arginine attaches itself to damaged areas, restoring hair’s natural shield. And as significant quantities attach to the hair – from roots to tip – hair bulb is instantly nourished, which then reinforces the strength of hair and restructures the fibre.

This triple action grows with each succeeding application to increase the power of Arginine on your hair! Microcirculation in hair is improved as Arginine nourishes hair roots while repairing hair from roots to tip.

Fall Repair 3X’s sensual textures help to optimise the effectiveness of Arginine too! Light and meltingly soft, Fall Repair 3X’s textures penetrate instantly and release Arginine all along the entire length of the hair. No area is left unprotected so that hair is fully restored.
My feedbacks - I had severe hair fall problems after my second pregnancy. I'm glad that my hair fall problem is getting better after the very first application. After a month, my hair is more resistant than ever.
Fall Repair 3X consists of four care products:

Fall Repair 3X Shampoo
Start your anti-hair fall regime right with Fall Repair 3X Shampoo, a reinforcing shampoo that delivers Arginine from roots to tip with its rich, creamy texture. Hair fibres are restructured with the very first application, helping hair regain its power and strength.
Available in 70ml (RRP: RM4.50), 180ml (RRP: RM11.90) and 350ml (RRP: RM18.90).

Fall Repair 3X Conditioner
Follow up with this conditioner that increases the concentration of Arginine on hair fibre. Thanks to its formula, hair is less vulnerable to the effects of brushing and combing, and untangles effortlessly.
Available in 70ml (RRP: RM5.90), 180ml (RRP: RM12.90) and 350ml (RRP: RM24.90).

Fall Repair 3X Mask
To be used after shampooing, this reinforcing mask provides intensive care to fragile hair fibres. Its rich, meltingly soft texture complements the effectiveness of Arginine for truly strong results. Distribute evenly throughout hair and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off. Use once a week for amazing results.
Available in 200ml (RRP: RM27.90).

Fall Repair 3X Tonic
An absolute must-have for weakened hair! This intensive treatment penetrates ultra-quickly, targeting the roots of the hair and enriching it with Arginine. Just spritz and massage into scalp to activate the microcirculation around hair bulb. As a result, hair is fully nourished and grows more resistant.
Available in 90ml (RRP: RM24.90).

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satyam hair said...

Also violet oil, particularly a natural oil that is effective in hair loss. Washing with soap pot of hair, it would be a relief for you.

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