Love Story Unfolds in Amethyst

Amethyst restaurant officially opened its doors on 16 Jan 2014 with much love in the air. One of Malaysia’s favourite celebrities, Hani Hatim (a.k.a Hunny Madu), shared this joyous moment with the celebration of marriage between Hani and her husband of over three years, Khairul Azhar Abdul Wahid.
Founder of Amethyst, Arash Farahmandi, had this to say at the launch event, “We know Malaysia’s favourite pastime is to eat and most would go to the ends of the earth in search of great food. Celebrating our undying love for food, we also wanted to highlight this special moment with a beautiful love story – that is the celebration of commitment between a lovely couple that Malaysians have grown fond of”.

Their love story was a beautiful setting for the launch event. The couple re-ignited their love for one another with Khairul presenting a beautiful Amethyst ring to his dear wife, Hunny Madu.
The Amethyst, a semi-precious gem stone is believed to bear great powers, which include healing, peace, love, protection, and happiness. With its rich purple tone colour, the Amethyst has also been long associated with royalty.
“I am ecstatic because after three years of marriage and with a baby girl in tow, we are still very much in love. The renewal of our love further affirms our feelings and promise. I am so glad to be here in Amethyst to celebrate this moment. Great food, great ambience and great moments worth cherishing for a lifetime,” said the very happy Hani Hatim.
Befitting the meaning of the stone, Amethyst is a mid-casual dining restaurant that harmoniously combines a touch of luxury and comfort in its deco of rich purple tones, private corners and warms lights. Its food also boasts generous portions of quality ingredients bursting with unique flavours, passion and love.
Amethsyt can comfortably seat 60 people at any one time. Guests can take their pick from dining al-fresco all the way to simply cosying up at the VIP booth area. The open kitchen bar top concept also gives an inviting feel as if allowing you to step into its world as it whips up delectable fares for you.
The restaurant serves a mixture of western-Italian food. Amethyst’s signature dishes are rather unique. Such is the ratatouille steak with saffron rice. The well marinated beef is cooked to tender texture and served with saffron rice, home-made chutney, and ratatouille.
The flavours are nothing short of a rich combination of sweet, sour and spicy, all in one plate. Other signature dishes include their Barbequed Chicken Wings, which is marinated in a secret sauce; a variety of vegetarian pastas; special Greece mix fillet sandwich; and more. 
The familiar dishes are also played up with a dash of home-made sauces and creative cooking methods to bring out unique flavours and textures. This can be said of their Crispy Skin Salmon, which is pan fried salmon on a bed of spinach with lemon caper sauce – the juicy and tender salmon with the spinach cooked in the special sauce makes for a truly divine combination. Even the Lamb Shank is cooked to tender perfection with a rather unique flavoured sauce.
Amethyst will place great importance on service. In our restaurant, our customers’ point of views will be crucial and we appreciate any feedback. The kitchen will be our lab of innovation and creativity and we will strive to serve dishes in a different way to stand out from the rest” Arash commented.
Dishes at Amethyst start from RM 16 to RM 52.

Located at A4-G2-06, Publika, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Amethyst is open on weekdays from 10am-11pm, while on the weekends and public holidays from 10am-1am. 

Stay connected with Amethyst via or call +603-6206 5797.

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