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Swissceuticals is the professional beauty industry's first advance free radicals scavenger cosmeceutical range that includes pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients utilizing stem cells and oxygenation technologies. Expect quick results with the precise efficacy similar to a doctor's prescription minus the chemical-laden formulations found in most cosmeceutical skincare in the market.
After 3 years of intensive research, the Swissceuticals range is designed to counter the 3 main causes of skin aging, biological, environmental and mechanical. Biological aging is the result of changes, often genetically determined, that occur naturally within the body. Environmental aging occurs as a result of daily exposure to trillions of free radicals from a variety of sources: the UV rays, cigarette, pollution, smoke, harsh weather, and external stress. These free radicals damage the cell lipids, proteins, and DNA, all of which limit the ability of cells to function and cripple that integrity of overall cell composition. Years of accumulated environmental stress on cellular structures result in the premature aging of the skin.

Unfortunately, as with many natural functions in our bodies, our ability to generate new stem cells that allows the tissue and the organs in our bodies to rebuild and regenerate decreases too as we get older. This is one reason why we tend to heal more slowly with age.
Guests salutation by Master of Ceromony, Ms Kim Tan

Speech by BEAUBELLE CEO, Mr. Julius Lim

With this in mind, Swissceuticals is a scientifically proven cosmeceutical range that fights free radicals using stem cells technology to overcome wrinkles, dryness, enlarged pores, uneven texture, saggy, blotchy and pigmented skins. Long term usage will help the skin to heal and regenerate efficiently without harmful side-effects.

L to R: CEO of BEAUBELLE Worldwide Sdn Bhd Mr Julius Lim, Fitness Expert Ms Sandra Jane Lahra, Founder of BEAUBELLE Worldwide Sdn Bhd  Ms Ruby Siah sk, Associate Professor Dr Cyril Gunapala

Beaubelle's Swissceuticals is a gentle and safe line of skin care products that integrates the best of science with natural ingredients for the most effective results with 0% downtime. Beaubelle has sourced only the finest, highest quality ingredients from all around the world and use them in optimum quantities.

The range includes 2 revolutionary result-oriented skin loving products

Doctor Oxygen - Extraordinary Skin Repair Concentrate
Doctor Oxygen is a strong anti-oxidant, moisturizing, detoxifying, pore and fine lines minimizing skin elixir to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. A lightweight serum, Doctor Oxygen harnesses the exclusive OxyQi technology. The unique formulation  is inspired by the Chinese life force known "Qi" for oxygen and a blend of stem calles to reverse signs of aging. Dr Oxygen increases skin's oxygen consumption of cells by 12.1%, and it also shows to boost cellular vitality under conditions of oxygen deprivation, by 41.1%, thus shielding the cells from damages due to stress.
The bottle with pump is very easy and convenient to use

Key active ingredients: organically cultivated beech shoot extract from fresh young shoots that preserves the elasticity of the skin, thoroughly hydrates, improves tissue oxygenation and helps to prevent formation of wrinkles. Caffeine helps to detoxify the tissues, thus reducing skin puffiness and Vitamin A and E Complex to maintain healthy skin through its antioxidant properties. This fast absorbent skin elixir contains novel siliconic soft touch complex, a blend of spherical powders and elastomer which provides a uniquely silky feel and smooth sensation. Upon application, the elixir provides pore minimizing and find line filing properties for that instant flawless look.

30ml selling at RM 318

Doctor Defendo - Phenomenal Skin Protect Cream
A pharmaceutical grade renewing balm that helps improve wound healing, barrier functions with strong moisturizing properties and protection. The nourishing but non-sticky cream renews, regenerate and encourages cells regeneration through healing powers of botanical stem cells, PharmaCure Stem Cell blend. It is scientifically proven to increase skin repairing ability by 100% at the cellular level. In addition, PharmaCure Stem Cell Complex increases cell metabolism, giving the skin health and energy to function with renewed force.

A spatula is provided with every jar of Doctor Defendo

Key active ingredients: PharmaCure Stem Cell Complex, an ultra-powerful blend that helps improve wound healing, skin repair and regeneration. The exclusive Complex enhances the regenerating activity of the dermis, by boosting the signaling molecule that stimulates cell differentiation and metabolism.

50g selling at RM 288

Demo session

During the product launching media event, a gentleman was lucky to be selected as the model of the day. Media has witnessed the amazing Beaubelle Time Machine together during the demo. You gotta believe the results by looking at the happy + confident model of the day. :)

Love the packaging as products are safely sealed in the recyclable box
Love the Doctor Oxygen texture
Doctor Defendo is in rich cream type
Instant Promising Result!

I am now using Beaubelle's Doctor Oxygen every morning and evening. I smooth Doctor Oxygen over thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of face and nect, immediately follow with Doctor Defendo. I could feel and see that my skin is more moisture and glowing instantly. I love the scent of Doctor Oxygen and Doctor Defendo, as I believe the scent of the skin care is important because it made me feels delighted to apply it to my skin.

The Swissceuticals range is available at Beaubelle Skin and Body Care Day Spas at

Ikano Power Centre
t: 03-7726 9889

Starhill Galery
t: 03-2148 4898

and all BEAUBELLE authorized outlets in Malaysia. For more information, please visit
Does Mr Julius Lim looks like HK TVB Actor, Law 霸,郑嘉颖?

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