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A couple of months ago, Goallife has invited some bloggers to experience the 3 major characteristic of SKIN FORMULATION products; “Natural, Environmental Friendly, Effective”
Patented formula, exclusive development.

Maintain our skin healthy is an important duty especially in this modern generation who are leaving in a hectic busy life which can easily damaged the skin. Aside from lifestyle, food consumed and polluted air also plays a big role in affecting the skin. Since skin care is a need in every one’s life what’s important is an effective brand to protect and maintain the skin.

SKIN FORMULATION is created to solve various kinds of skin problems from the right medicine for the skin providing the most natural, environmental friendly and effective active ingredients in all skin care series. SKIN FORMULATION with its own principle “PROTECTING MOTHER NATURE “concept, each of the products is carefully researched and developed without any metal or chemical components and no animal testing. Using 100% pure natural plants and high quality plant essence. Moreover, bottle and casing used are all recyclable responding to environmental policy. SKIN FORMULATION uses environmentally friendly bags and recyclable simili paper for printing purposes. SKIN FORMULATION accompanies you, giving you the best attention and care to your skin. It is SKIN FORMULATION duty and right to save the environment and you to a beautiful and healthy skin.
I was given Remover Cleansing Gel, Normalizing Lotion, Hydro Aqua Essence, Bulgaria Rose Water, Perfect Glow Sunscreen, a piece of FGF-7 PDGF Repairing Mask, a sachet of seaweed peeling cream, Walnut Peeling Gel, Ultra Fair Cream, Pearl Liposome Serum and purifying serum to try.
Remover Cleansing Gel is one of the SKIN FORMULATION star product. It could remove water proof mascara and eyeliner efficiently but somehow I found it hard to use.

Among all these products that were given to me to try, I strongly recommend Hydro Aqua Essence, Bulgaria Rose Water, Perfect Glow Sunscreen and FGF-7 PDGF Repairing Mask. I found that these 4 products are really amazing and it is suitable to my oily-combination skin very much. FGF-7 PDGF Repairing Mask is a very good mask that fit to my face and provide instant radiant result. Besides, I especially like the scent of Hydro Aqua Essence and Bulgaria Rose Water.
For more information about Skin Formulation, please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/GoalLife/131164713623812 or their web page http://www.goallife.com/

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