NEW! SUPER™ Classic: An Instant Black Coffee Made Specially For The Malaysian Palate

My fellow Malaysian, let's discover the new SUPER™ Classic Instant Coffee, and indulge in the rich flavours coffee that is made with 100% Robusta coffee beans.
SUPER™, dedicated to delivering quality coffee, tea and cereal beverages that suit Malaysian’s preferences, expands its offering with SUPER™ Classic, an instant black coffee made with 100% Robusta beans to deliver a full-bodied, bold yet smooth cup of coffee.
SUPER™ Classic is the latest addition to SUPER™’s wide range, catering to the dynamic and evolving demands of today’s coffee drinkers, along with milk tea & cereal drinks.
Fiona Tan, General Manager of Jacobs Douwe Egberts Malaysia, brand owner of SUPER™ Coffee shared, “We Malaysians love our coffee strong with condensed milk or evaporated milk. We seek instant coffee that is full-bodied in taste and intensely aromatic, so that the robust coffee flavour can come through the creaminess.”
The launch of SUPER™ Classic conveys SUPER™’s continued commitment to fueling everyday Malaysians with convenient and refreshing beverages. “Instant coffee in Malaysia is not merely a function of convenience and time. With our long working hours, we need a strong and flavourful coffee that will awaken our senses and kick-start our mornings. We need a delightful cup that will fuel rich conversations and keep us rejuvenated all day long.”
Aptly, SUPER™ has appointed Shuib as brand ambassador for SUPER™ Coffee, as he exemplifies the journey and experience of everyday Malaysians, juggling many roles including husband, father to four young children, successful radio deejay, as well as entrepreneur.

“From day one, we knew Shuib was the perfect ambassador for us because he exemplifies the experience of an everyday Malaysian. In both good and challenging times, we Malaysians are always resilient, we work incredibly hard, giving our best to better the lives of those around us. We are excited to collaborate with Shuib as we share these values and a common passion for a great cup of ‘kopi padu’ to help us power through the day,” added Fiona.
In conjunction with Hari Malaysia celebrations, SUPER™ is thrilled to announce the ‘Semarakkan Hari Malaysia’ contest running from 16 August - 30 September 2023. This contest offers participants an opportunity to win exciting prizes such as a Modenas Dominar D250, an exclusive ‘makan-makan’ session with Shuib, and shopping vouchers worth RM21,000. To enter, simply make a purchase of any one SUPER™ product (t&c apply).
I like the full-bodied, bold yet smooth cup of SUPER™ Classic coffee a lot. I have purchased a big pack of it to enjoy drinking at home sweet home. At the same time, I couldn't wait to join the contest and win the amazing prizes!

The new SUPER™ Classic is now available at major grocery retailers across Malaysia.

For more information on SUPER™ Coffee and its products, latest updates and promotions, please visit its Facebook Page

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仙妮 said...

Yeah!! This is my family fav instant coffee brand all these while & we love this new variant & gonna grab more this weekend shopping . Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

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