Brick Parkour Asian Tour 2023 @ AEON MALL Shah Alam, Malaysia

I had an eye opening experience at Brick Parkour Asian Tour, Malaysia round happened on 15 & 16 Aug, 23 at AEON MALL Shah Alam.
Muhammad Naqib Abu Bakar @naqibabubakar_ , Gwen , and Koh Chen Pin have became the top 3 contestants. 
While International contestants: Stephanie Zitis (Australia), Caryl Cordt Moeller (Switzerland) & Javier Rodriguez (Mexico) have also graced the event here in Malaysia.
Brick Parkour Asian Tour is supported by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and national gymnastics bodies in each country.
Brick Parkour is a dynamic and athletic discipline that involves moving through various environments efficiently and creatively. Parkour is not limited to any specific setting; it can be practiced in urban environments, natural landscapes, and even indoor spaces like AEON Mall!
During the two days event, many workshops have been conducted to educate the young ones about Brick Parkour. The activities are categorised into two sessions:

Speed ​​Run
Speed ​​Run is a race that tests the speed and accuracy of parkour practitioners through the obstacles provided.

Freestyle is a competition that evaluates the creativity and style of parkour practitioners in performing free movements.
This event has encouraged everyone to prioritize proper training and technique of Parkour for all of us. Brick Parkour Asian Tour 2023 will be held in six countries in Southeast Asia in August 2023, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Cambodia. However, the event in Cambodia has been cancelled due to unforeseen circunstances.

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