Celebrate 150 years of Good Times with Heineken®—One Way or Another—Motherchuckers Style

Heineken®, the most globally adopted beer brand, celebrates its 150th anniversary by embracing the diverse ways people enjoy good times with the brand. Whether it's with a twist of lime or affectionately called 'the green one,' Heineken® has been a companion in good times for 150 years, fostering true connections—one way or another. To commemorate this milestone in Malaysia, Heineken® has partnered with renowned fashion influencer Jane Chuck and her homegrown premium label, Motherchuckers, to launch the ultra-exclusive Heineken® 150 x Motherchuckers limited-edition streetwear collection, inspired by the universal language of style and expression.
Heineken® 150 x Motherchuckers’ "That After Party" collection features a diverse mix of items, including both cropped and regular t-shirts, and coordinated sweat suits, offering a stylish ensemble for any night out in shortbread, ochre, and Heineken®'s signature red and green colourways. Grab your limited-edition pieces exclusively during the Heineken® Party, and starting from 18th August 2023, you can also purchase it online to keep the good times flowing in style long after the event. The collection includes uniquely designed caps with a built-in bottle opener, a practical and clever twist that doubles as a conversation starter, ensuring the good times keep flowing.
Willemijn Sneep, Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia at the launch of the Heineken® 150 x Motherchuckers’ "That After Party" collection

Willemijn Sneep, Marketing Director at HEINEKEN Malaysia, said: "For Heineken®'s 150th anniversary, we're not just raising a glass, we're raising the bar on style. We've teamed up with Motherchuckers for this fashion-forward collaboration to immortalise those 'lager than life' good times so that we can wear them on our sleeves—literally. At Heineken®, we're all about sparking genuine human connections. So here's to good times, good threads, and the kind of nights that never go out of style!"
Jane Chuck customised her look with items from the collection she curated

Jane Chuck, Motherchuckers’ founder and the capsule collection’s curator said she hopes the collection will inspire individuals to embrace good times that come from starting conversations.

"We've all experienced 'That After Party'—the strobing lights, thumping bass, and a sea of faces that become the backdrop of unforgettable memories. With this collection, Motherchuckers aims to celebrate those who aren't just part of the party, but the ones who ignite it. It's a tribute to the fun and unforgettable good times that we have enjoyed at after parties," she said.
Heineken® Lets the Good Times Roll

That is why Heineken® celebrates your idea of good times wherever you are in Malaysia. At participating outlets, fans of Heineken® can enjoy Heineken® their way. Purchase a bucket or set of Heineken® beer and let the #whateverken serve up unique creations like Heine-Rita, Heine-Berry, or Heine-Tea at no extra cost. Continue to enjoy elevated good times and play your way to exclusive prizes with engaging games. Have music your way by adding your favourite songs to the playlist of your favourite bar while enjoying a refreshing Heineken®. Let Heineken® immortalise your good times with the Heineken® 150 x Darkroom8 Good Times Camera collaboration and capture good times your way in both physical photos and digital snapshots. Let’s get the good times rolling, one way or another.
Heineken® 150 x Motherchuckers’ "That After Party" collection fashion presentation

Since good times, good music and Heineken® go hand-in-hand, Heineken® is giving out exclusive prizes via the Good Times Cam contest, including pieces from the Heineken® 150 x Motherchuckers collection and the Heineken® 150 x Darkroom8 Reusable 35mm Point and Shoot camera featuring the unique Heineken® beer filter.
For more details, visit the Heineken® 150-Anniversary campaign's page, and follow Heineken® on https://www.instagram.com/Heinekenmy/, https://www.facebook.com/HeinekenMYS and the hashtag #He150ken.

Heineken® and all related promotions and activities are strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. Heineken® advocates responsible consumption. When you drive, never drink. Please #EnjoyResponsibly.

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