Win a Durian Feast with Listerine® X Watsons “Swish & Win” Contest

Durian season is upon us again, and it is time for durian lovers to enjoy the delectable taste of the King of Fruits! While irresistible, durians have a very distinct flavour and pungent smell, lingering on our breath even hours after consumption. With Listerine’s clinically proven formulation that effectively kills up to 99.9% of germs that cause bad breaths, plague, and gum problems, you can now confidently enjoy durians without worrying about “durian breath”.
Apart from durians, many other delicious Malaysian dishes also boast strong flavours and taste due to its aromatic ingredients and spices, which can make one feel self-conscious after a meal. Fortunately, there is an effective way to keep your breath fresh – Listerine® mouthwash is here to the rescue! Beat the post-durian and after-meal breath by simply gargling with Listerine® for 30 seconds to kill any bacteria present in the mouth that can cause unsavoury odours. Not only is your breath fresher; it actually helps with your complete oral care too!

Did you know? Brushing alone is not enough to remove pungent smells, as it only cleanses 25% of the mouth*. With brushing, it is easy to miss the spaces between the teeth, as well as the areas below the gum line. This creates a breeding ground for bad breath-causing bacteria, which often pools on the tongue and walls of the cheeks. That is why a mouthwash is effective for 24-hour protection** against germs that can cause plaque and gum problems.
Stephen Tiu, General Manager of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Malaysia & Singapore, acknowledged that with the strong, aromatic flavours of Malaysian food, the importance of keeping our breath minty-fresh and maintaining oral hygiene is crucial. “We recognize that good oral care and hygiene is so important. It’s assuring to have an effective solution like Listerine for clean, fresh breath that allows us to confidently enjoy our food, without compromising on our oral health.”

With a wide selection of Listerine® products available, maintaining a complete oral care routine becomes easier. From limited-edition flavours like Pomelo & Passionfruit, to targeted benefits like Tartar Control and Healthy White, Listerine® makes sure that consumers’ various oral care needs are catered to. For individuals who prefer a milder taste with less burning sensation, Listerine® also offers a less intense version with zero alcohol. In addition, Listerine® Pocket Mist is made for those who are always on the go and need to freshen up instantly: the conveniently-sized oral spray kills 99% of germs that cause bad breath!

Maintain your complete oral care routine easily: simply swish your mouth with Listerine® twice a day (day and night) for 30 seconds to rid off 99% of germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gum problems.
Win a Durian Feast & GrabFood vouchers with Listerine® X Watsons “Swish & Win” contest!

This year, Listerine® is back with its “Swish & Win” contest, organized in collaboration with Watsons Malaysia. Participate to win prizes worth RM15,000, including an amazing Durian Feast and GrabFood vouchers!

How to join:
Step 1: Purchase any Listerine® products worth RM30 & above in a single receipt
Step 2: Answer a simple question: What can you use to get rid of durian breath? Name one Listerine® product
Step 3: WhatsApp your receipt with <FULL NAME> <ANSWER> to 016-208 3532

Listerine® X Watsons “Swish & Win” contest prizes:
10x Durian Feast vouchers worth RM1,000 each
100x GrabFood vouchers worth RM50 each

For more information, please visit Listerine®’s official website at:; or find the latest updates on Listerine®’s social media pages: Facebook ( and Instagram (

*Our teeth make up only 25% of the mouth.
**Used twice daily after brushing.

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