JUST LUNCH @ W Kuala Lumpur

W Kuala Lumpur, the leading city escape in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, will be introducing JUST LUNCH your go-to destination for a quick and satisfying lunch. Flock on over to W Kuala Lumpur with its cozy ambiance and swift service offering diners and lunch goers a convenient dining experience tailored for whose on the go.
Choose from a plethora of a variety of fresh, tantalizing, juicy and delectable ingredients adding richness and layers to vibrant salads, flavorful bowls, and stunning main courses. The spacious restaurant with a gorgeous open kitchen area beckons diners to retreat into an open sanctuary, and tempts them with an irresistible semi buffet that highlights the best of local flavors with a modern twist.
Individually plated main courses can also be added on top of the semi buffet should diners choose to have a hearty meal, each dish on the buffet is picture-perfect for the eyes and the ’gram – ensuring that this semi buffet experience is unlike others. Guests can also be assured of top-notch ingredients and meticulous preparation.
Their talented and impeccable chefs are committed to providing outstanding dining experiences for the lunch crowd. With a blend of high-quality ingredients to create nourishing and delectable meals on a Mondays-to-Saturdays guaranteeing a spectacular lunch dining experience unlike no other.
These delish options will not be around forever, so Flock on over to W Kuala Lumpur and make reservations to satisfy your cravings before the fine lunch is over. Visit JUST LUNCH to savor the flavors.
WHEN: Every Mondays - Saturdays from 12noon - 3pm.
WHERE: Flock, Level 8, W Kuala Lumpur.
MYR108 nett per person.
Add MYR48 nett per main dish.
Add MYR12 nett per glass of fresh lemonade or MYR20 nett per glass of fresh mixed juice.

FLOCK, the bustling all-day dining establishment, serves an ample lunch. Its down-to-earth cuisines produce vibrant masterpieces with a twist, inspired by the powerful flavors of Pan-Asian cuisine. The meals are a must-try for anyone wishing to take in the best of Flock lunchtime, which will undoubtedly delight one's taste senses and leave the restaurant with a lasting impression.

Just Lunch at Flock, W Kuala Lumpur is now available for bookings at bf.wkualalumpur@whotels.com or via WhatsApp https://wa.me/60123479088

Follow W Kuala Lumpur on social media with the handle @wkualalumpur to stay connected!

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