Focus on The Good and Practice These Top 3 Self-care Tips!

Eating well, spending quality time with your loved ones, and a restful night play an essential part in your self-care routine. Practice mindfulness and adopt these top 3 self-care tips to keep your stress at bay.
1. Embrace ‘me’ time and indulge in your favourite pastimes

At least 8 hours of the day is spent at work in front of our devices, or tending to personal matters. Amidst our packed daily schedules, always treat yourself kindly and remember to pencil out quality time for yourself, and the ones who matter most to you. Why not take this time to disconnect from your digital screens, and delve into an alternative reality with your favourite genre of movies at Aurum Theatre.
Soothe your worries and enjoy the intimate setting that Getha Lux Suites has to offer. Adorned with comfortable recliner seats made of Getha’s plush premium cushioning to elevate cinematic experiences, sit back and relax with a curated personalised experience, complete with your favourite food and drinks served right to your seats.

2. Feed your body well with good food, and focus on the moments that matter.

Fuelling your body with good food helps bring a sense of balance in life, especially with the right company. Instead of cancelling meet-up or dates that were meant to happen, take the time to catch up over a meal at an intimate location at JIN Gastrobar. Offering light-bites, delectable mains, and mouth-watering desserts, there’s something to satiate your cravings. JIN Gastrobar also serves up specially curated movie-themed bar snacks and signature mocktails, inspired by blockbuster movies.
Music too soothes the soul. Relax your senses with a line-up of local artists who’ll be performing as part of the JIN After Dark initiative, taking place every Friday and Saturday from May – December, from 8PM onwards.

3. Wind down and rejuvenate your mind before sleep

Quality rest is the essential step to self-care as getting sufficient downtime keeps your mind at bay, and re-energises the mind and soul the next day! Unwind by shutting off your digital screens before your night time routine, and lull into an easy slumber with the Getha Beauty Sleep Set, designed to create a conducive environment to rest and relax. Incorporating a luxurious blend of essential oils made up of soothing lavender, coupled with bursts of refreshing orange, the Getha Beauty Sleep Set will calm your sense for a relaxing night ahead.
Available for RM179 at Getha stores nearest to your location and online, the Getha Beauty Sleep Set consists of:

1x Sleep Balm (50ml) worth RM 69.00
1x French Lavender Roll-on (10ml) worth RM 59.00
1x Sleep Ease Roll-on (10ml) worth RM 59.00

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