Vircle Visa Prepaid card - The 1st & Only One Visa Debit Card to Kids in Malaysia

I am so glad to find out about Vircle Visa Prepaid card for my children. Vircle Visa Prepaid Card for kids is the 1st and the only one that offer a Visa Debit Card to Kids under BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) rules & regulations in Malaysia.
I like that with Vircle Visa Prepaid Card, I can;

1) Allow my kids to learn to prioritize their spending and make responsible financial decisions with the budget.

2) It is safer than cash where I can easily cancel the card and replaced it with remaining balance if the kids lost it.
3) It is convenience to use when shopping online or in stores.

4) I can track their expensies by checking it through Vircle app.
Great news! Use my promo code 'virclerane' to get RM20 cashback when you apply for a Vircle Visa Prepaid card for your kids now.
Download & install Vircle app to apply now!
Let's give our kids Vircle Visa Prepaid card to teach them financial responsibility and helping kids learn to manage their money effectively.

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