Panasonic Malaysia Debuts its Lightest Made in Japan Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Float-Lite Technology for Easy Manoeuvring

As a mother of two, I always make sure my house is clean and tidy. I clean my house twice a week. And when it comes to cleaning, having the right vacuum cleaner can make all the difference. I am so excited to share that Panasonic Malaysia launched its expanded line of Made in Japan Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner series with two of its lightest models (MC-SB33J and MC-SB53K) designed to make cleaning more convenient and stress-free than before. This follows the launch of its Tangle-Free Hair Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner (MC-SB85K) launched exactly one year ago that was especially popular amongst parents with kids and fur-kids.
“The launch of the Panasonic Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner embodies our commitment to “Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.” philosophy, where we believe elevating holistic well-being is key to making tomorrow better and brighter. The new Stick Vacuum Cleaner models launched today is just one of the many beneficial, high-quality products we offer to help people live their best lives,” said Keisuke Nishida, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia during the launch event.
Left: Mr. Shinichi Tsuda, General Manager appliances marketing of Panasonic Malaysia
Middle: Mr. Fumiaki Tanaka, Consumer marketing & customer service director of Panasonic Malaysia
Right: Ms. Stacy Kew, Department head appliance marketing department 2 (AVC, laundry & living solution) of Panasonic Malaysia

The key features of the new MC-SB33J and MC-SB53K models incorporate Panasonic’s Float-Lite Technology with a 360° flexible floor cleaning feature that makes it easy and efficient to manoeuvre into tight corners and narrow spaces. The vacuum cleaner also features a new ergonomic handle developed from 840 patterns, which ensures a comfortable grip and easy navigation.
At just 1.3kg in weight, the Panasonic Stick Vacuum Cleaners MC-SB33J may be lightweight but certainly not light-duty. They are easy to lift to clean high spaces without straining backs or arms. There is no longer the need to lug around heavy, cumbersome vacuum cleaners to do daily and heavy-duty cleaning as the Panasonic Stick Vacuum Cleaners are powerful, nimble and light enough to manoeuvre effortlessly.

The vacuum cleaner is also designed with stress-free maintenance in mind. With the ability to easily dispose of dust and dirt, users need not get their hands dirty. The dust box and filter are washable, and the vacuum cleaner is easy to disassemble and clean, making it hassle-free to keep it in top condition. In addition, the short recharging time of just 3.5 hours means there will not be a long wait to use the appliance again.

The designs of the new vacuum cleaner models have been well-considered to harmonise with the lifestyle of users. With its stylish and minimalist design, it blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of any home.
“Cleaning shouldn’t be a burden, more so if there are young children or pets at home, which is why we designed this vacuum cleaner with our customers’ convenience in mind. The vacuum cleaner models are lightweight, powerful and easy to operate, and we hope that it will provide our customers with a hassle-free cleaning experience that they can look forward to,” said Nishida.
When it comes to cleaning, hair is one of the most problematic issues, as it tends to accumulate on floors, carpets, and sofas, and can clog vacuum cleaners’ cleaning heads and filters, reducing suction power. This is a common problem in many households, particularly those with pets. To address this issue, Panasonic developed the Tangle Free Power Nozzle feature with unique patented technology that uses a conical-shaped brush to gather and transfer hair to the centre of the vacuum head before it is sucked in completely. The MC-SB53K model comes equipped with the Tangle-Free Power Nozzle feature, together with a built-in House Dust Sensor that is able to detect microscopic particles of dust and dirt to ensure that surfaces are clean.

The two new Panasonic Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner models, MC-SB33J and MC-SB53K are available for purchase at all authorised Panasonic dealers as well as online platforms and marketplace. Panasonic is proud to add these stick vacuum cleaners to its line of household appliances designed to make tomorrow brighter by elevating life today.

For more information on Panasonic brand and products, visit their website at or call Customer Care Centre at 03-7953 7600.


Ruby said...

Memang best cordless vakum ni. Ruby tunggu vakum berawayar ni rosak baru nak beli cordless. Suka warna putih Panasonic ni. Tungguuuuu.

仙妮 said...

It's really nice & convenient to own a cordless vacuum for home cleaning routine. This Panasonic one looks good one to own. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing


wah best ni, dah la ringan, cordless pula tu, boleh beli untuk kemas rumah nak raya bulan depan.

Sunshine Kelly said...

This is so convenient and innovative, going to check out their home electricals

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