Conquering Insomnia this World Sleep Day with the New Insomnia Treatment, Dayvigo

Insomnia is often characterised by problems falling or staying asleep, which can affect one’s daytime functioning and quality of life. The incidence of insomnia is rising and to combat this, appropriate education, awareness initiatives, and therapies must be provided to individuals needing them. Determined to provide Malaysians with a treatment, Eisai (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, recently launched its new treatment for insomnia, Dayvigo, to combat their sleepless nights.

Held in conjunction with World Sleep Day, Eisai Malaysia hopes to spread awareness of sleep health by emphasising the importance of delivering an effective treatment for a good night's sleep. With the launch of Dayvigo, Eisai Malaysia is single-minded to treat insomnia in order for Malaysians to lead a good quality of life while preventing other chronic diseases that may emerge as a result of sleep deprivation.
Kam Ai Teng, Managing Director of Eisai Malaysia

Sharing the mutual purpose of advocating sleep health among Malaysians, the launch witnessed the participation of Prof Ng Chong Guan, Consultant Psychiatrist and Treasurer of Malaysian Psychiatric Association and Dr Hazli Zakaria, Founder of Alaminda Healthcare Berhad who shared the platform to exchange thoughts and discourse addressing the key concerns surrounding insomnia.
Kam Ai Teng, Managing Director of Eisai Malaysia shared that sleep is vital especially for our bodies to function effectively daily - yet it is a subject neglected by many.

“We are thrilled to bring Dayvigo into the market, providing an additional treatment option for people with insomnia. Insomnia is a severe health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. We fail to realise the severity of insomnia until it’s too late, and people now need to know that it can arise at different phases of the sleep cycle and induce daytime impairments such as fatigue, daytime sleepiness, mood changes, and other symptoms,” said Kam.
“After thorough research, our team of researchers and scientists have worked tirelessly to develop a product that is effective to help individuals who struggle with insomnia get the restful sleep they need to improve their overall health, and we are confident that Dayvigo will bring a positive change to their lives.”
As Dual Orexin Receptor Antagonist (DORA) treatment in Malaysia, Dayvigo has been rigorously tested in clinical trials and is highly effective in helping individuals fall asleep fast, with minimal impacts on next morning alertness or next day function. Dayvigo is a novel class of treatment that facilitates individuals to sleep by suppressing wakefulness.

“At Eisai Malaysia, we take great pride in contributing positively to a person's well-being. Our commitment goes beyond merely innovating treatments but also ensuring that society gains the equal opportunity to benefit from our contribution. This World Sleep Day, we are determined to bring the awareness of insomnia to the forefront of Malaysians' health education, and we will continue seeking alternatives and work towards increasing people's access to treatment for diverse health conditions so that everyone can lead a fulfilling life,” concluded Kam.

On this World Sleep Day, let’s together stand up for sleep health and strive for a healthier lifestyle!

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