Targeted Action for 10 Signs of Ageing with FILORGA Global-Repair Baume

FILORGA is more than a laboratory, since 1978, it has been a French house that draws its inspiration for its formulas from its expertise in designing injectables for the greatest specialists in aesthetic medicine.
The innovative complexes and active ingredients, either derived from biotechnology or at natural origin, are meticulously selected, measured out and combined thanks to the expertise of a master of formulation and the support of an expert scientific committee. Each and every FILORGA cosmetic creation therefore pushes the boundaries of excellence in terms of performance, texture and sensory appeal while always respecting the skin as much as possible. A unique vision of beauty that offers all women the best active ingredients inspired by aesthetic medicine through now cult formulas.
Laboratoires FILORGA are now presenting a new formulatory masterpiece. An exceptional skincare product that combines the right amount of precious botanical active ingredients with the exclusive anti-ageing complex [intensive repairing factors] for a unique revitalising and comforting experience.
Welcome to the world of High-Performance Skincare.

Global-Repair Baume: a blend of advanced anti-ageing active ingredients and precious oils

Exceptional skincare with a targeted action on the 10 signs of ageing: 
• Density +8% 
• Firmness +35% 
• Elasticity +35% 
• Radiance +30% 
• Wrinkles -5% 
• Face Contour +5% 
• Volume +21% 
• Tone +26% 
• Evenness 84% 
• Nutrition +23% 

A true formulatory marvel with comprehensive nutri-youth actions. This complex combines the best cosmetic nutrients with ultra-specialised ingredients with aesthetic medicine-like effects for a targeted action on all the signs of ageing.

3 Boosted Nutrients - 
[Ceramides + Omegas + Vitamins]

A boosted nutrient trio derived from the best natural-origin active ingredients to restore the skin’s suppleness and vitality. 

Super-Ceramide: to compensate for the reduction in physiological ceramides. 
Super-Omegas: 3-6-9 to strenghten the hydrolipidic film, boost cell renewal and revitalise the skin. 
Super-Vitamins: E, A, D, K to boost the skin’s defenses and regenerate it

5 Advanced Active Ingredients

[Multi-Intensive Anti-Ageing Correction]

Inspired by the most renowned aesthetic medicine techniques to act on the 10 signs of ageing: a global anti-ageing effect. 

1/ NCEF, the Pink Gold of Cosmetics, FILORGA’s signature complex, inspired by mesotherapy, boosts cell regeneration to reveal skin’s radiance. 
2/ Filling Hyaluronic Acid, for immediate and lasting correction of wrinkles. 
3/ Collagen-Boosting Peptides, to restore skin’s firmness, elasticity, density and tone. 
4/ A Unifying Complex [Niacinamide & Vitamin C] to reduce the appearance of dark spots and restore an even complexion. 
5/ A Botanical Peony Extract, rich in oligo-saccharides, to thicken the adipose tissue, restore volume and resturcture the face contour. 

94% Natural-Origin Formula, Complete Revitalisation, Total Rejuvenating
Enhanced Intense Nutrition

For all skin types looking for an effective yet comforting revitalising formula, FILORGA’s master formulators drew on one of nature’s treasures used in cosmetics: precious botanical oils. 

Through a unique production process, FILORGA research has managed to combine just the right amount of precious botanical oils to nourish and revitalise the skin deep down, with a non-occlusive 100% natural-origin butter that is rich in saturated fatty acids. 

A blend of natural ultra-active ingredients specially intended for lifeless skin to strenghten skin barrier, envelop the skin in a protective film and maintain an optimum level of hydration.

[Nutritive Plant Complex]

Botanical oils, the liquid gold of cosmetic: ingredients with countless benefits and an exceptional affinity with the skin. 

Camellia Oil, long used by Japanese woman as a beauty oil, it has become a symbol of eternal youth in Asia. It restores vitality and infuses undernourished skin with absolute comfort. 

Evening Primrose Oil, originally from America, was used by native Americans in poultices on weakened skin. 

The oils are extracted by cold-pressing the seeds of the Camellia and Evening Primrose flowers to preserve all their benefits and quality. Next they are blended, then heated to a temperature of exactly 80 degree celcius. 

The oils are incorporated into the core formula by filtration to give a smooth and sensory texture. Texture Innovation: Global-Repair Baume An ultimate oleo-nourishing experience

For Global-Repair Baume, Laboratoires FILORGA drew on their unique expertise to develop a voluptous, sensory galenic formula with an incomparable cashmere finish for a unique sensation upon application. 

The precious botanical oils, used for ther nourishing and revitalising powers, and the botanical butter, with a melting point close to the temperature of the skin, also contributes to the sensory appeal of this new formila. 

This astonishing balm melts upon contact with the face, immediately enveloping the skin in absolute comfort, infusing it with softness and surrounding it in a protective cocoon. The perfect balance between effectiveness and sensory appeal exists.

An Exclusive Ritual

The Balm should be applied every morning after serum instead of a cream, as part of a bespoke holistic anti-ageing ritual. 

Prepare: Warm a small amount of balm between the palms of the hands. 
Smooth: All over the face, neck, and décolleté with flat hands, from the centre outwards. Revitalise: Perform a deep-tissue massage with the fingertips, then energetic smoothing motions. 
Envelop: The face fully between the palms of the hands for a few seconds. 

Additional Benefit: In the evening, apply the balm in a thick layer like a mask, and leave to absorb into the skin overnight. 

91% of Women, find the texture enveloping, it melts delicately into the skin. (Self-assessment, 32 subjects, 28 days, twice-daily application.) 

100% of Women, noticed that feelings of tightness immediately disappeared. (Self-assessment, 32 subjects, 7 days, twice-daily application.) 

Global-Repair: An Anti-Ageing Programme With Premium Formulas For Exceptional Multi-Revitalising Results


The GLOBAL-REPAIR range provides all kinds of lifeless skin with a complete cosmetic answer that combines anti-ageing effectiveness and sensory appeal. With refined textures, elegant packaging and masterful formulas, all of FILORGA’s expertise can be found in each of these five prestigious products.

A splash of nutrients. A milky priming skincare lotion that provides comfort on a daily basis thanks to a nutrition booster. A unique, chic and sensory ultra-addictive anti-ageing step!

The intensive youth serum. A duo of active ingredients rich in smoothing retinol and energising glycogen for a uniquely powerful rejuvenating treatment!

The ultra-targeted double agent. A duo of powerful botanical active ingredients intensely illuminates the eye contour, visibly fills crow’s feet wrinkles and lastingly shapes the lips. The essential seduction asset! 

The revitalising cocoon. An anti-ageing balm that combines all the power of precious botanical oils with the effectiveness of advanced medi-cosmetic active ingredients. Absolute comfort guaranteed! 5. GLOBAL-REPAIR CRÈME (50ml) The protective shield. Its “double defence” system against skin aggressors prevents glycation and limits cell oxidation. For a lasting rejuvenating effect!

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