Subway Malaysia Refreshes its Iconic Italian B.M.T.™ with New Ingredients to Give Malaysian a ‘Lebih Padu’ Experience

Subway Malaysia is celebrating its legacy of serving delicious, better-for-you Subs by putting a spin on the iconic Italian B.M.T.™ to make it even Bigger, Meatier and Tastier. Bringing the year to a delicious close, Subway is introducing the Italian B.M.T.™ Double Cheese for the cheesy sub lovers, and the Italian B.M.T.™ Plus for those looking to get the most ‘Padu’ Sub.
Originally named after the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit system, the fan-favourite Italian B.M.T.™ now stands for “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest”. An old school staple of Italian-American cuisine, this Sub has been on Subway’s menu since 1975, and has since become an iconic signature menu item across the globe.
Launching from October 26, 2022 and available until 10 January 2023, the Italian B.M.T.™ includes two variations - the Italian B.M.T.™ Double Cheese, and Italian B.M.T.™ Plus which comes just in time for the upcoming festive season. Available at participating Subway restaurants, the new ‘padu’ subs are perfect for those looking to grab a quick bite to fuel their holiday preparations or even those wanting to give their families a fulfilling meal.
Made fresh for each guest, the Italian B.M.T.™ Double Cheese is packed with four cheese slices of cheddar for an extra layer of decadent, cheesy goodness; and the Italian B.M.T.™ Plus, packs your usual Italian B.M.T.™ order with an added scoop of avocado and sweet corn for extra crunch and that “oh-so-padu” moment.

While guests are free to customise their subs, Subway recommends pairing the Italian B.M.T.™ and its variations with a serving of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and a dose of black olives and jalapenos, topped with the zesty Chipotle Southwest sauce.

Guests can start enjoying this padu Sub and its ‘padu’ variations starting from RM12.50 onwards.

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