Review: Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream & Bar Soap

I like to shower because it makes me feel nice and clean. Recently, I have discovered Parrot Botanicals, a famous and popular brand origins from Thailand. In fact, Parrot Botanicals is the Pride of Thais. They are premium products of Thailand, and their products have won a lot of Award in Beauty and Personal Care Category, given by the ministry of industry in Thailand!

When I check out further, I found out that Parrot Botanicals is the No.1 AUTHENTIC THAI BOTANICALS FRESHNESS, the products has Unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Traditional Herb Oil for Long Lasting Freshness.
It is really promising, hence I have decided to give Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream & Bar Soap a try. I ordered it online from their Online Shop. The package arrived me promptly in proper packaging, and I can smell the unique scent and long lasing fragrance that cannot imitate even before opening up the product's packaging. So nice!
Once I open up the parcel, I felt in love with the beautiful packaging of Parrot Botanicals. Let's read our further review below.

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream (500ml pump bottle)

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream has Signature Natural Flower Scent that smell so good! It comes in a pump bottle made it easy to use. The shower cream provides Long lasting fragrance skin for up to 8 hrs.* 
*Testing result made by connoisseurs of perfume
There are 2 series available;

Classic Series:
Sweet Pink Roses

Indulge in sweet aromatic Bulgarian Rose scent while moisturizing your skin with Aloe
Vera extract.

Thai Botanical & Herbs
Parrot’s Signature scent exquisitely combined of rare Thai botanicals, revealed skin fresh and scented last long.

Thai White Jasmine
Pampered with soft and pure fragrance from morning blooming jasmine infused orange and tamarind extract, leaves skin softer and scented for whole day.
Also available in Pastel series -

White Sakura
A refreshing fragrance with White Sakura infused with nourishing properties for a
brighter natural pinkish and long lasting fragranced skin.

Lily Peach Cool
Sweet aromatic scent with blooming Lily flower and more refreshing with Peach. Energize skin with cooling touch by Crystal cooling technology.

White Thanaka
Refresh your skin with “White Thanaka” for smooth and radiance skin with long lasting fragrance.
For people who are into bar soap, Parrot Botanicals has a variety of it for you to choose from. The bar soap is available in the size of 55g, 70g and 105g.

Bar Soap (55 g | 70 g | 105 g)

Classic series

Check out the TOP 3 Best selling Bar soap below;
Sweet Pink Roses
Sweet Romance Scent of Rose, enhance skin with Rose scent and Aloe Vera.

Thai Botanical & Herbs
No.1 Best Selling that has unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Clove oil and Citronella oil.

Thai White Jasmine
Pure Whispering Sweet Scent of Thai Jasmine. It pampering the skin with extract from and Tamarind.

Floral Fragrance of Sweet blossoms. Enhance moisten skin with Cucumber extract and anti-bacteria from Eucalyptus Oil.

Scented Wood
Aroma scent of precious Scented Wood Fragrance. Anti-bacteria from odors and acne by 4 oil protection; Clove leaf Oil, Patchouli Oil, Lemon Oil and Eucalyptus Oil.

Experience scented of natural Frangipani Fragrance. It contains mangosteen extract and clove leaf oil help skin anti-bacteria.

Pastel series

White Sakura

Gentle fresh with white Sakura.Infused with brighter and natural pinkish skin.

Lily Peach
Delicate scent of Lily Peach.

Refreshing with “White Thanaka”. For a brighter and long lasting fragranced skin.
Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream & Bar Soap are easy to foam up, most importantly they smells so good that make me feel relaxing while also moisturizing my skin while using it. I like that they are great in quality, and the price is really affordable. The wide variety range of products provide us a great choices to choose from. I even buy more for my family members to try.

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream & Bar Soap is now available at all Malaysia Hypermarket, Supermarket, Convenient store, and Mini Market.

You can also find them online at Shopee Online Shop.

For more information about Parrot Natural, please visit:
Instagram: @parrot.natural

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Sally Samsaiman said...

Fuhhh.. Ini mmg legend habis niii... Lama betul x nmpk dlm pasaran!! 😮😮

nurul aqidah azahar said...

Legend stuff. I use this when I'm stay hostel long ago

Rolling Grace said...

loving this beautiful range of shower cream as well as the colourful packaging!

仙妮 said...

Yes I remembered the green soap, thanks for sharing that they have shower cream now. Gonna check out for a try myself. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

mmg sangat wangi terutamanya yg warna hijau tu.. mmg sabun yang legend.. sejak dulu dah tahu kewujudannya

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