Jordan Can’t Smile Without You Campaign

With the fast-paced lifestyle that most Malaysians live, many parents’ responsibilities may result in missing out on their children’s daily precious smiles. Jordan Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd - the brand behind the leading Jordan Kids Universe range designed especially for children - has launched Jordan Can’t Smile Without You, a campaign dedicated to helping more parents enhance that special, precious smiley bond with their little ones!
To understand this in detail, Jordan recently surveyed Malaysian parents to find out what their child’s smiles meant to them. From this, an exciting finding emerged where, compared to toys or screen time, 86% of the respondents said that family quality time is the number one factor that makes them smile. A healthy smile is undoubtedly one way children develop interpersonal relationships and self-esteem.

“Most parents can be too busy with the inevitable hustle and bustle of life that results in them missing out on some special moments, particularly within the crucial growing-up stage for the little ones. We embarked on the Jordan Can’t Smile Without You campaign as a personal and important mission for us. We know that it can be stressful knowing we cannot spend enough quality time with our children. It is the big bright, clean smiles of our children that we always remember and keep close to our heart as they grow older,” Jerry Ng, Country Manager for Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines at Jordan Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd, shared.
“Parents will do everything they can to protect the smiles of their little ones. A good, consistent oral routine is a big part of nurturing those invaluable little smiles, and Jordan has made oral hygiene easy, fun and accessible,” Jerry added.”

Good Oral Hygiene In Children

The survey also found that 97% of respondents use age-appropriate toothbrushes for their children, with 62% of respondents stating they change their children’s toothbrushes every three months.
“These are especially encouraging results as it shows that many parents are sufficiently aware of the necessity for proper oral hygiene amongst little ones,” Jerry continued. “At Jordan, we always highlight the importance of starting oral hygiene habits and education from a very young age; the early inculcation of these habits results in healthy, strong teeth as children grow up.”

Dr Noorhidayah Bt Zainal Aalam, Dental Lecturer, Department of Paediatric Dentistry Orthodontics; Faculty of Dentistry at Universiti Malaya, commented that good oral hygiene habits are crucial in helping children avoid teeth caries. “Caries is essentially caused by dental plaque that grows on mouth surfaces. It consists of bacteria that thrives off mainly sugar and refined carbohydrates, and it can eventually result in tooth cavities if left on tooth surfaces for long enough. Because it is one of the more common diseases worldwide, incorporating early oral hygiene education and consistent brushing habits can help keep caries and cavities at bay. A healthy smile greatly affects social interaction, which is important in how children are seen, felt, and perceived by others. Studies have also shown that children without caries smile more positively and show more teeth when smiling. As parents, we must encourage good oral hygiene habits for our children to have a better quality of life.”

The Jordan Kids Universe Steps range consists of 3 key toothbrushes that ensure your little ones’ pearly whites are cleaned and protected in the cleanest, most gentle and effective way in three main age groups: Step 1 (0-2 years); Step 2 (3-5 years), and Step 3 (6-9 years). The range also comes with 2 kid-friendly toothpaste, suitable for children from: Step 1 (0-5 years old) and Step 2 (6-12 years old). The toothpastes are formulated with gentle, natural, vegan ingredients to protect tiny teeth, with tested flavors that every child loves and with bright, colorful packaging that’s sure to make teeth-brushing time a fun time for all.

All in all, Jordan’s Kids Universe Steps range is designed to accompany every child as they grow into different stages of life. With extra soft bristles and comfortable, ergonomic handles, all three brushes are designed to take the best care of your children's milk and permanent teeth - giving them the best, brightest smiles.

Jordan Can’t Smile Without You Contest

To also encourage more Malaysian parents to cherish their little ones’ special smiles, Jordan is looking to reward 20 parents through their Jordan Can’t Smile Without You contest with a special cash prize of RM1,500 each! The contest runs from 15 September 2022 to 31 October 2022 and calls on parents to spend time with their children and capture and share their child’s smiley moments!

Participants need to purchase Jordan’s Steps toothbrushes with no minimum spend and sign up for the contest on the Jordan Can’t Smile Without You microsite at Validate entries will also receive a bonus reward with specially designed videos consisting of the uploaded entries and messages within 48 hours of submission.

“We hope this campaign acts as a catalyst for parents to spend more quality time with their children and create happy smiles together in a beautiful and meaningful way. That’s what this campaign and the Jordan Kids Universe range is all about - helping children show off their healthy, clean smiles,” Jerry concluded.

Jordan is currently running a special promotion* live now on Jordan’s official Shopee and Lazada stores – purchase any Jordan products with a minimum spend of RM20, and stand a chance to win an RM2 voucher; while a minimum spend of RM30 will earn you one free canvas bag and a RM2 voucher, while stocks last!

You can also follow Jordan on their social media platforms at @jordanmalaysia.

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