Amway Malaysia Releases New and Improved Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™ that Neutralizes Free-Radicals and Fills the Nutrition Gap

Amway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd — A health and wellness company that helps people live healthy lives — has launched a new and improved version of multivitamin, multimineral and phytonutrient supplement; the new Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™ - a result of tests on different plant extracts from around the world.

The DOUBLE X™ features a new and improved formula that consists of three multiple products – multivitamin complex tablets (MAL20116135N), multimineral complex tablets (MAL20116132N), and phytonutrients complex tablets (MAL210160a7T).
The new DOUBLE X™ features a special blend derived from Rosemary, Turmeric and Onion extracts. The special blend, along with the vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients in DOUBLE X™ promotes the production of the body’s own natural antioxidant to fight excessive free radicals for maintaining health and to fill the nutritional gap.

Phytonutrients are plant nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and other sources that are associated with a variety of health benefits in providing support to a healthy human body.
"As one of the leading health and wellness companies backed by a legacy of science and research, we hope that the launch of the new and improved Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™ can address Malaysians' needs in living a healthy, balanced life. With this new formulation, Amway envisions the new Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™ will continue to support our growing number of Amway Business Owners (ABOs) in Malaysia, while also meeting the ever-changing nutrition needs of our customers," said Mike Duong, Amway Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Managing Director.

The New and Improved Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™

Amway focuses heavily on phytonutrients as they are special nutrients found only in plant foods. Studies have shown the benefits of Rosemary, Turmeric and Onion extracts, and after intensive laboratory research, the special blend was formulated. While the antioxidant-rich phytonutrients in Rosemary, Turmeric and Onion are beneficial individually, when combined in a specific ratio, this combination delivers protection from free radical damage to support and maintain the health of our consumers.

The new Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™ features an additional 1 mineral (iron) and 2 plant concentrates (Blackcurrant and Elderberry), which make up to a total of 11 essential vitamins, 10 essential minerals and 19 plant concentrates from fruits and vegetables sourced from Nutrilite™ certified organic farms.

The new DOUBLE X™ highlights improved ingredients as compared to the previous formula (multivitamin tablets (MAL06051375X), multimineral tablets (MAL06061351X), and concentrate tablets (MAL05121306T)) which include:
a. 207% More Vitamin D (From 130 IU to 400 IU per tablet) 
b. 83% More Vitamin A (From 1240 IU to 2277.75 IU per tablet) 
c. 67% More Selenium (From 21mcg to 35mcg per tablet)

The new vegetarian-friendly formula uses an improved combination of plant concentrates from extracts, resulting in more concentrated phytonutrients in smaller tablet size and is gentle on the stomach. The new formula also improved the taste and smell of the tablets with the addition of peppermint, offering an enjoyable DOUBLE X™ experience altogether.

The goodness of purple

The new DOUBLE X™ also features an improved berry blend added to specifically addresses the blue/purple phytonutrient gap found in most global diets, as discovered by the Global Phytonutrient Report. Most adults would need at least a minimum of five servings (or 400 grams) of fruits and vegetables per day 1 , but the blue/purple category specifically was found to be the most lacking across all countries studied.

“While eating a variety of fruits and vegetables from across the colour spectrum is the best way to support health, it’s not always easy to accomplish but dietary supplements can help fill the nutrient gaps,” said Joanne Chong, Amway Malaysia and Brunei Head of Marketing and Communications.

“Our Nutrilite™ products are 100% traceable from seed to supplement. We track everything that happens to our products, from the farms where the plants are grown to the final product to ensure our Nutrilite supplements meet strict safety and quality standard, and they comply with all laws and regulations in the markets where they are sold.

With our new and improved Nutrilite™ supplement, we hope that this competitive product will provide the health and wellness solution and deliver the benefits to maintain health to our ABOs, APCs and customers," Joanne added.

Amway’s new and improved Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™ can be purchased starting from 1 st September 2022 through an Amway Business Owner (ABO) or sign up as an Amway Privilege Customer (APC).

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