[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Collection is the Anti-Aging Skincare that You Need

Environmental friendly products with sustainability concept is very popular amongst the beauty junkies. [ comfort zone ], a certified B Corporation’s skincare brand acknowledged and favoured by users with a propensity for earth friendly and environment sustaining skincare, has renewed its Sublime Skin Collection with a range of products that delivers an even higher level of performance in rejuvenating the skin. These products are enhanced with a new and proven natural filler solution to counteract the effects of structural ageing and the causes at a cellular level, while ensuring greater environmental sustainability in accordance with [ comfort zone ]’s conscious skin science mission.
The new Sublime Skin collection includes 6 new SKU as below:
  • Sublime Skin Micropeel Lotion
  • Sublime Skin Intensive Serum
  • Sublime Skin Cream
  • Sublime Skin Eye Cream
  • Sublime Skin Peel Pads
  • Sublime Skin Lift-Mask
The hero product of these range is the Intensive Serum. The light and silky serum delivers a comprehensive action to counteract cellular ageing and preserves skin structure. The serum is designed to support sustainability and circularity by offering an innovative refill pack that allows the glass bottle to be reused for 1 year and the packaging is easily recycled.
Moreover, repeated purchase of the refill, which weighs 91% less than the original pack, reduces CO2 emissions and therefore helps to limit environmental impact. [ comfort zone ]’s research and development is driven by its commitment to maximise performance and sustainability. The [ comfort zone ] laboratory at the Davines Village Scientific Garden has dug deep into its DEGENER-AGING™ research on the ageing mechanisms of fundamental skin structure such as water, proteins and lipids. The study has led to the development of an innovative solution to treat cellular senescence.
Owing to a new pool of active ingredients to combat DEGENER-AGING™ in the solution, the renewed suite of Sublime Skin products are more advanced, cleaner and sustainable, as well as clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, plump and firm the face, as akin to a natural filler effect.
The Sublime Skin Intensive Serum encapsulates the [comfort zone]’s Archi-lift™ technology enhanced with innovative ingredients, such as the Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and the Achillea Millefolium extract. In accordance with [ comfort zone ]’s Conscious Skin Science™ approach, Sublime Skin formulas are clean, rich in natural-origin; safe in high-tech ingredients; and free from animal derivatives, artificial colourants, synthetic fragrances, silicones and parabens. They are also free of acrylates and PEGs, gelling agents and emulsifiers that are very common in cosmetics, but not readily biodegradable in the environment. The products are ideal for vegans and everyone who is looking for sustainable and transformational skin care.

Comes in 30ml bottle, the retail price of the Sublime Skin Intensive Serum is RM628. It can be used daily on cleansed skin in the morning and evening. 

You can purchase [ comfort zone ] products online at https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/comfort-zone-malaysia) or https://shopee.com.my/comfortzone.os) and over 20 beauty salons nationwide. 

For salon locations, log on to www.comfortzone.it/en/spa-locator/country/malaysia/.

If you would like more information, log on to https://world.comfortzoneskin.com/ or contact Luscious Solutions Sdn Bhd at 0111 241 9928.

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