Top 6 Reason to Take a Staycation at Micasa All Suite Hotel

After being cooped up indoors since March this year, a staycation is much needed for us to spend some quality times with our loved ones. While we used to travel abroad at least twice a year, we have cancelled our trips because it's not yet safe to start travelling again. Hence, a short staycation in the heart of KL city works wonder to escape from reality and relax our mind.
As I was turning into my big 4-0, hubby and I have chosen to take a staycation at Micasa All Suite Hotel for my big 4-0 Birthday celebration. Let me tell you why?

1. The Perfect Staycation in KL City

Located at the heart of KL city, with just a short stroll away from The Petronas Twin Towers, The Linc, and Bukit Bintang area, Micasa All Suite Hotel is the perfect urban getaway for couples and family. We can take time to look at the amazing KL city as though the eye of a tourist while staying here.
It only took us 30 minutes to reach Micasa All Suite Hotel. The check-in was smooth and easy, and we spent more time to refresh and explore the hotel.

2. Spacious Suite

All the suite in Micasa All Suite Hotel is spacious and bright. We love the spectacular view of KL city from the big window.
The best part is, the suite come with kitchenette and all the necessary amenities.
From drinking water, coffee, safe, bathrobes, iron & board, hair dryer and bathroom amenities. Micasa All Suite Hotel even provides dish washing liquid, and powder detergent for the guests. Talk about great guest experience.

3. Friendly Hotel's Staffs

When I was checking into the hotel, I saw the staffs were assisting a guest and answered all her questions patiently with a smile. I was amazed at the staffs' friendliness and we felt welcome throughout our stay there.

4. Excellent in-house Dining

There are 2 restaurants for us at Micasa All Suite Hotel. They are the award-winning Cilantro fine dining restaurant and Tapas Bistro & Bar.
We had our dinner and breakfast at Tapas Bistro & Bar during our stay at Micasa All Suite Hotel. It offers all day dining overlooking the pool and the garden. The setup was nice as there were loads of space between all tables.
On the menu of our dinner were Classic Caesar Salad, Farm Picked Mushroom Soup, Pan-Fried Halibut Fish, Grilled Lamb Chops, crème brulee and rambutan cocktail. We had a great meal there, the food was delicious and a good deal of 3 courses meal.

The breakfast was lovely too. With the variety of western food, local food to custom order eggs, it was a very appetizing breakfast.

5. Healthy Morning with Urban Yoga Session
Micasa All Suite Hotel
has arranged a series of Urban Yoga Session on specific Saturday morning. Led by Yogi Intan Baizura, the 1.5 hour morning yoga facing the pool was truly enjoyable.
While stretching out, we looked at the blue sky, see the clouds moving in the breeze and hear the birds chirping. We felt so good and we have relieved our mind, body and spirit after the 90 minutes urban yoga session.
The next sessions will be held on 10 and 24 August 2020 from 8am to 9.30am. Register at to get your slot now.

The price for Urban Yoga Session is as below;
RM 65 comes with welcome snack & heathy breakfast;
RM 35 comes with welcome snack.

Love the delicious and heathy breakfast.

6. Extraordinary Mermaid Free Diving Activities at The Salt-water Pool

The blissful staycation didn't end here. We also got to learn Mermaid Free Diving at the salt-water pool in the morning. It was our first time trying Mermaid Free Diving. Our instructor, Steven was an experienced merman and he has guided us caringly. We had tried to put on the beautiful Mermaid tail, and also practice the basic Mermaid strokes in the salt-water pool. It was a whole new adventure of underwater fantasy. It's no longer a dream to live life under the sea.
Not only that, my eyes and skin felt so good under the salt-water pool thanks to it's low chlorine levels.
For more information about mermaid freediving classes at Micasa All Suite Hotel, WhatsApp at now.
Our staycation at Micasa All Suite Hotel was so comfortable and enjoyable that we won't want to check out. It was indeed a memorable stay and new experiences that we won't forget.
Thanks Micasa All Suite Hotel for the wonderful weekend escape staycation. We can't wait to go back again.

Micasa All Suite Hotel
Address: 368-B Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur 50400, Malaysia
General Line: +603 2179 8000
Fax: +603 2161 1186


Hasif Hamsyari said...

What a cool staycation experience! That room look so spacious and the foods look tempting too! I guess I should check out this hotel myself soon. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday! Woohoo!

Rawlins GLAM said...

When I see the room, I feel like I want to stay there too. Then I see you in your mermaid fins, that's it! I want to stay there!

Bae Roslan said...

macam best je. the room so spacious. and first time tau salt water pool. wanna give it a try soon

Farhana Jafri said...

Wowwww! Super love the idea of Mermaid Free Diving and the tail looks super gorgeous too.

Tiara Sapphire said...

bestnya bilik suite ni, sangat besar dan selesa. macam best masuk kelas mermaid diving tu..hehe

Izaramli said...

The suite looks nice and cozy. The food also looks delicious. Got mermaid diving some more. Such interesting place to stay.

Jeje said...

This is very luxurious, you see. I really like the art deco of the room. Then with a view that is quite refreshing to make you feel at home.
It seems like a lot of exciting activities can be felt there.

Jeje said...

This is very luxurious, you see. I really like the art deco of the room. Then with a view that is quite refreshing to make you feel at home.
It seems like a lot of exciting activities can be felt there. said...

bestnya bilik dia !! besar !! hee~ i suka lah part jadi mermaid tu.. tetiba berangan nak singgah juga nanti..

Nina Mirza said...

Perghhh... Ohsem seyhhh celebrate birthday di Micasa All Suite. Cantik biliknya, pool nya. Nak jugak laaaa rewards my self kat sini

Aerill Hassan said...

Wah cantiknya! Nampak seronok kalau bawa family bercuti ke sini. Sekali sekala bercuti di Kuala Lumpur. Apa2pun happy belated birthday.:)

Sis Lin said...

Wowww selesa dan nampak high classnyaaa dapat bercuti macam ni, dah macam kat luar negara, padahal hotel in Malaysia aje ek...
Cute laaa ikan duyung tu hehehehe

Ruby said...

Ruby suka aktiviti yoga tu. Best lah dapat stretch badan. Yoga sangat bagus. Nanti nak pi Micasa untuk berehat sambil bersenam. Hehe.

Puan B said...

I fall in lov this room and place. It feels like home when i see the kitchen n spacious area everything perfect i guess. Now i know we can be Mermaid here too. Awe inspiring photo by u sist look great in thay mermaid costume. Amazing.

Mohd Zarin said...

Cantikla gambar mermadi you tu. I saw kat your Instagram masa tu terus like. Nice hotel review and plus ada aktiviti yoga lagi

Sunshine Kelly said...

This hotel is so strategically located near to KLCC and so many things to do there.

Kitkat Nelfei said...

What a perfect, enjoyable staycation. The activities arranged by this hotel was great and amazing. You cant find it else where right! This definitely will be in my next staycation list!

Tekkaus said...

The room looks spacious and comfortable. The cream of the stay must have been about the mermaid class which looks really interesting right.

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