Jelly Cakes in Malaysia 缤纷的燕菜蛋糕


现在,当我们要吃燕菜糕时,我们就上网向 Q Jelly Bakery Shop 订购。说起 Q Jelly Bakery Shop, 其实我们认识它已经数十年了。话说我们的结婚蛋糕也是从那里来的。

我们一家大小一直都喜欢 Q Jelly Bakery Shop 缤纷的燕菜蛋糕。它们家的燕菜蛋糕很新鲜,味道不太甜。而且它们家一直创新食谱和美丽的造型。



所以下次你们要吃好吃又好看的燕菜蛋糕,就到Q Jelly Bakery Shop去吧。

One of the best moment in my childhood memories was when my mom was making jelly(we call them agar-agar in Malaysia). We will share the sweet and cool jelly among the family members while watching TV together.
My mom seldom makes jelly now. But fret not, we can order the colorful and delicious jelly cakes from Q Jelly Bakery Shop. My family loves their fresh, not too sweet jelly especially on a hot day.
Their jelly cakes are so colorful, and it has many variety to choose from. From the jelly macarons to Jelly mooncakes filled with pandan lotus, red bean, durian lotus, white lotus, fresh fruits and signature pandan layer.
This October, they even comes out with Halloween Jelly Cake to ghost jelly. The delicious treats are made from jelly, lychee puree, strawberry puree, fresh mangoes, longan, pandan and chocolate.
The jelly cakes are suitable for any occasions, from Birthday to full moon. You know you are in for a treat with these delicious jelly cakes from Q Jelly Bakery Shop.

Q Jelly Bakery Shop
57,Jalan Puteri 2/3
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong selangor
Tel: 012-212 6919
Facebook Page:

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