Birds Nest' Infused Skin Care by The JMsolution

We Chinese believe that Birds' nest is good for skin, beauty and health. Thanks to the technology, we could also pamper our skin with Birds Nest' infused skin care now. Introducing the JMsolution Active Birds Nest' Double Ampoule and Moisture Cream that provide intensive moisture, improve and brighten dull complexion.
As a total skincare brand from South Korea, JMsolution has used the premium ingredients such as Golden Birds' Nest Extract, Collagen and Triple Hyaluronic Acid in the Active Birds Nest' skincare range.

JMsolution Active Birds Nest' Double Ampoule (30ml RM139)

Beautifully packed in a transparent pump bottle, JMsolution Active Birds Nest' Double Ampoule is suitable for people who need intensive moisture for dry skin, improve and brighten dull complexion.
The formula contains patented Platolwhite complex and silver thread capsules that burst on skin upon application, forming a barrier that retains moisture. It helps brighten skin to revitalize dull complexion, it moisturizes skin to keep it youthful and supple.

STEP 1 - Hold the top and bottom section of the bottle with both hands and twist in opposite directions until you hear a “click”.
STEP 2 - The top ampoule will be released into the bottle. Shake well for 10 seconds to blend both ampoules evenly.

Then, simply apply a layer of JMsolution Active Birds Nest' Double Ampoule on skin evenly after cleansing and toning.

JMsolution Active Birds Nest' 
Moisture Cream (60ml RM139)

JMsolution Active Birds’ Nest Moisture Cream Prime intensely moisturizes and creates a protective barrier that prevents the skin from losing precious moisture. The cream heals, refreshes, intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin and has a pronounced lifting effect.
The cream contains bird’s nest extract and collagen to take care of dry and rough skin, restoring elasticity and healthy skin condition; Triple hyaluronic acid and the pure energy of plants provide intensive moisturizing care, covering it with a moist film.
It helps reducing the depth of wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones. It also improves complexion, combats dullness and gray color.

To use, just s
pread an adequate amount evenly between palms and apply onto face and neck following skin’s texture. Pat gently until fully absorbed.

I like the light weight texture and instant absorption of JMsolution Active Birds Nest' Double Ampoule and Moisture Cream. The skin care combination revitalised my dull skin, leave my skin youthful and supple.

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