Thai Fruit Extravaganza @ AEON Malaysia

Yay to the peak fruit season in Thailand, we can now enjoy the fresh and delicious Thai fruits locally too. Like many local, my whole family loves Thai fruits a lot because they are rich in nutrients yet affordable.
In fact, Thailand is among the world’s best locations to grow all kinds of fruit, all thanks to it's hot tropical climate and fertile plains. From the queen of fruits, the Mangosteen to a wide variety of delicious fruits such as longans, lychees and special mango varieties, these fleshy fruits are rich in nutrients yet affordable, making them local favourites.
This July and August, the Department of International Trade and Promotion of Thailand (DITP) is organising a Thai fruit extravaganza in several selected AEON outlets to promote and highlight these sweet and juicy fruits.
Mark your calendar of its schedule below;
  • AEON MidValley 6 July - 12 July 2020
  • AEON Metro Prima 20 July - 26 July 2020
  • AEON Bukit Tinggi 27 July - 2 Aug 2020
  • AEON Puchong IOI 3 Aug - 9 Aug 2020
  • AEON AU2 3 Aug - 9 Aug 2020
  • AEON Taman Equine 10 Aug - 16 Aug 2020

We have just returned from the Thai Fruit Extravaganza at AEON Metro Prima. There, we got to sampling 3 different types of Thai Mango. We love the sweet and juicy mangoes a lot hence we have bought home some of these gorgeous mangoes.
The best part is, aside from sampling and purchasing fruits, visitors can also take part in a lucky draw through participating on AEON's Facebook page to win attractive prizes! It is easy to join, just purchase any fruit from Thai Fruit Extravaganza at AEON outlet and keep the receipt. Then take & upload the fruit's picture onto the lucky draw post's comment section. Lastly, describe the fruits in 3 words with the hashtags #AEON #ThaifruitExtravaganza2020 #natureco.
I am participating to stand a chance to win the AEON vouchers! What's better than enjoying the distinctive flavour's Thai Fruits with family while also winning some awesome prizes, right?
For those who are visiting the Thai Fruit Extravaganza at AEON, the selected fruits may make an appearance, including:

Mango varieties
Chokanan Mango
Golden Waterlily Mango
R2E2 Mango
Golden Dragon Mango
Golden Phoenix Mango
Mango Telor
Seedless Guava
Don't miss out this incredible Thai Fruit Extravaganza at AEON outlets near you.


Ruby said...

Nanti nak tengok promosi ni di AEON. Dah lama cari buah mangga. Hehehe

ajumohit said...

i memang suka beli buah, everyweek akan beli dan penuhkan peti ais, better dari beli junk food atau air manis, bolehla i singgah aeon nanti

Kak Fas said...

i would normally like mango sticky rice when it xomea to Thai fruit.

Fanahalim said...

Hmm rugi nya tak dapat join. Huhuhu. Banyak nya pilihan buah dia!

budakbandunglaici said...

durian ada promosi tak? sedapnya buah manggis tu..dah lama tak makan buah mangga. weekend ni boleh la pergi AEON tengok buah apa best best beli

Nadia Johari said...

Perhh puas hati kalau dalat buah ni semua.. Besar-besar pulak tu.. Nak pergi la.. Nak buah jambu

Sis Lin said...

Wowww besonya itu mangga...Sis kalau pesta buah memang suka beli mangga dan juga jambu batu...kang boleh laaa singgah AEON..

dr-Life said...

im waiting to go puchong ioi with my hubby soon... oh yeah!!

Sunshine Kelly said...

I love mangoes too and will check out all these fruits when i go groceries.

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