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Beauty Box was so popular in Malaysia back in 2012 and 2013. Back then, I received beauty boxes every month with loads of surprises by paying just a minimal subscription fees. However, the beauty boxes in Malaysia was not doing well and many of them are discontinues.

So, when nomakenolife approaches me early 2020, I quickly agreed to subscribe because I love receiving Beauty Boxes. I love to unbox my beauty boxes because most of them would contain beauty surprises that I love.

I subscribed to the February 2020 version of nomakenolife beauty box. nomakenolife is a monthly Japanese & Korean Beauty Box that contains 8-9 items of Korean and Japanese cosmetics plus skincare. It comes with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE too.
Let's scroll down to see what I got in my February 2020 version of nomakenolife beauty box.

1) Melliesh 3-way multi heart

This cute balm from Japanese brand Melliesh is a multi-functional balm. It can be used for your eyes, lips or cheeks! The case even has a small mirror so you can apply your makeup on the go. Melliesh 3-way multi heart comes in pink, cherry red, rich brown or cassis berry.
I received the Cassis Berry ones. It's so cute in packaging and easy to carry around with me.

This balm is 17g and is retail at $4.97 USD.

2) Medius heart eye mask

This Korea heart-shaped hydrogel eye mask will take care of the delicate skin around your eyes. It also has an amazing rose scent!

Made in Korea, this mask is 13g and is retail at $2.63 USD.

3) A’pieu chocolate milk sheet mask

This yummy chocolate milk sheet mask from Korean brand A’Pieu uses the ingredient cacao to remove dead skin cells and milk essence to moisturize the skin.
Made in Korea, this mask is 28 g and is retail at $1.98 USD.

4) Momocos colored eye pencil

This cute and colorful harajuku style eye pencil will make your eyes pop, great for special occassions or adding a bit of color to your everyday look!

I received shade 01 in pink.

This cute colored eye pencil! comes in 5g and is retail at $3.85 USD.

5) Dear My Soap

The cutest soap of the year! This Japanese heart-shaped soap bar has a sweet bulgarian rose scent. A must-have for Valentine's Day! It is available in pink, blue or white.
I am glad that I received my favourite pink color soap.

Made in Japan, this cute soap is 40g and is retail at $1.87 USD.

6) Capsa Lip Plumper

Achieve full lips with the help of pepper extract: the Capsa lip plumper is all you need for a natural plump look! Capsa lip plumper is available in red gloss, a clear gloss or a moisturizing lip serum.
I received the clear gloss hence I could apply it on top of my usual lipsticks.

Made in Japan, Capsa lip plumper is 4.7ml and is retail at $9.64 USD.

7) Beauty World makeup palette

The Beauty World makeup palette will have you covered this Valentine’s Day! Create endless looks with this Japanese 10-color palette with colors suitable for your eyes, cheeks and face. In your box comes one of the four varieties: Daily Color, Elegant Color, Tropical Color or Natural Color.
I have received the shade 03 - Natural Color palatte. Time for me to try out multiple makeup look with this makeup palette.

The Beauty World makeup palette is retails at $14.31 USD

8) Holika Holika heart crush lipstick creamy velvet

This heart-shaped lipstick is every girl’s dream! The velvet matte finish is just what you need to create a romantic Valentine’s day look that will turn heads. In your box comes one of the nine pink, red, coral or beige colors.
I received the shade PK01 - a very lovely shade of pink that is suitable for everyday's look.

Made in Korea, this cute lipstick weight 19g and is retails at $11.51 USD.

Overall, I love everything that I have received in my nomakenolife Feb 2020 beauty box. I like that nomakenolife includes not only sample sizes, but also regular sizes products. This made it so worth to subscribe. The total value of my box is over USD 50.76, wow!
We can subscribe for monthly nomakenolife beauty box from as low as USD 31.50 per month. It is super worth it and is a must have for every beauty addict like me.

I received my February 2020 version of nomakenolife beauty box on the 4 Mar 2020. It was already passed Valentines and my beach vacation. Hence, the only thing I wish they would improve is the speed of delivering the beauty boxes.

For more information, visit https://nomakenolife.com/


Aerill Hassan said...

Thanks for the lovely post but i don't think that the product is suitable for me. hehe :)

Hanny Abdullh said...

OMG cantik2nya produk dia, buat hati terpikat. Kalau dapat..boleh tak tak nak pakai sebab sayang..hehehe

Cuppy Cake said...

You are so lucky! All these are like what I want!!!

Zharif Azis said...

Wahhh so cute !! Korea and cute packaging cant be separated. I would love to have em as well.

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