Mindful Snacking - to Eat with Attention and Be Present in The Moment

We Malaysian love to eat snacks, as snack can provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise. A snack between meals can also decrease our hunger and keep us from overeating at meal time. Many people thought snacks are bad for diet but it is in fact an important part of our daily diet.
James Kane (Managing Director, Mondelēz International (Malaysia), accompanied by Dr. Satvinder Kaur (Assistant Professor, Head of Program for Nutrition with Wellness, Faculty of Applied Sciences at UCSI University), Sheahnee Iman Lee on the left & from right – Pei Gee Chew (Nutrition & Strategy Communications Lead for Mondelēz AMEA) and Nash Idrus (Key Opinion Leader) at the SMRter Snacker Session.

I was honoured to be invited to attend an interactive and informative session centered on the importance of mindful snacking with the aim of empowering participants to snack right, without having to choose between snacking and eating right host by Mondelēz International (Malaysia).
A panel of experts Pei Gee Chew (left) along with Mr. Nash Idrus and Dr. Satvinder Kaur during the‘Panel Discussion’ at SMRter Snacker Session. The SMRter Snacker Session was moderated by Sheahnee Iman Lee (right).

We the participants had engaged in fun activities that inspire mindful snacking habits by encouraging them to focus on tasting and savouring each bite in the half-day engagement, titled SMR-ter Snacker Session.

Not only that, a panel of speakers also shared their point of view on Snacking Made Right - Mondelez’s new strategic purpose and focus - and how it can be fulfilled through sustainable and mindful snacks for both people and the planet to love.
Managing Director, Mondelēz International (Malaysia), James Kane delivers his speech at SMRter Snacker Session.

The SMR-ter Snacker Session was led by the Nutrition & Strategy Communications Lead for Mondelēz AMEA, Pei Gee Chew, along with a panel of experts, namely, Dr. Satvinder Kaur, Assistant Professor, Head of Program for Nutrition with Wellness, Faculty of Applied Sciences, UCSI University and Mr Nash Idrus, dad and Key Opinion Leader, who shared his perspective from a parent’s point of view.

The session was moderated by Sheahnee Iman Lee. The session explored on reasons people snack, the increasing consciousness on health and wellness that influences the mindset of consumers when it comes to snacking, about mindful snacking as well as the benefits of and tips to snacking mindfully.
A participant selecting snacks as part of the “Guess The Calories” activity during the SMRter Snacking Session.

Snacks are increasingly being consumed at any time of day or night. It has become a way of life for an overwhelming majority of consumer. It provides fuel for energy or a boost to jumpstart the day or it can simply be a treat. Malaysian snack 6-7 times a day. This snacking habit is due to being pressed for time, as most people live more active, always on the go. In 2018, the sales volume for manufactured snack products in Malaysia was approximately RM1.28 billion. This is expected to increase.
Guests working on a crossword puzzle in relation to Mindful Snacking.

Attitudes about snack foods have undergone a metamorphosis – once considered guilty pleasures, snack foods have become a favourable option for many on-the-go consumers of today. Hence, there is a need to empower consumers on snacking right and knowing how much to eat in order to have a pleasant snacking experience.

Mindful snacking encourages consumers to pay attention to eating and being present in the moment. The principle helps people focus not only on what snacks to choose but also on why and how they snack, so they can be more in tune with eating as a conscious behaviour. They will help them choose what to eat for a more satisfying snacking experience. Mindful snacking can lead to positive relationship with food, more satisfying snacking moments and being less likely to overeat.

Commenting about scientific research on mindful eating, Dr. Satvinder Kaur, Assistant Professor, Head of Program for Nutrition with Wellness, Faculty of Applied Sciences at UCSI University said, “Research has shown that mindful eating leads to reduction on snacking excessively. It also helps to reduce external eating as it reduces the responsiveness of individuals to external cues such as appealing food packaging or advertisements. It contributes to pleasant snacking experiences.”
Consumers today are increasingly health-conscious and more knowledgeable about what are the options available in the market. While wellness is trending, indulgent snack foods also are staging a comeback by walking the line between health and enjoyment. Low-calorie, high-protein ice cream varieties and thinner versions of cookies are on the rise. 

Pei Gee Chew, Nutrition Strat and Communication AMEA Manager at Mondelez International, commented, “We are constantly innovating to ensure we meet the needs of our consumers. We advocate portion control to enable customers enjoy nutritious bite in small quantity. We believe it is important to ensure we are providing the right snack for the right moment. So you can grab a snack that is perfect for you, as it will contain important nutrients for a balanced diet.” 

Mr Nash Idrus, dad and key opinion leader said, “As a parent, myself, I am constantly looking for the best food or snacks for my kids. I believe it is important to help them enjoy snacking while ensuring they are getting the right nutrients. I advocate the need to eat in moderation. This will ensure they have right balanced diet.”
Speaking at the event, James Kane, Managing Director, Mondelez International (Malaysia) expressed, “Consumers should not have to choose between snacking and eating right. We want to empower people to snack right by embracing mindful snacking, to eat with attention and be present in the moment.

“With our wide range of snack foods, we are offering options to consumers – whether they are craving for a yummy bite or that feel-good moment for their well-being. Furthermore, we are also expanding our portfolio of well-being snacks and improving the nutrition and ingredient profile of our biggest selling brands. We strive to deliver great tasting snacks that offer good nutrition, made with ingredients people know and trust, to our consumers. Our Snacking Made Right is built on the promise to offer consumers the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way,” concluded James Kane.


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