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Consider this - when was the last time you thought of your Hormones? You will find that hormones permeate a women’s life from health to fertility, and in every aspect of energy levels, metabolism, moods, menstruation, and menopause. They also have conveniently become a justification for emotions from love to hate, and mood swings and weight problems.

Hormones are chemical messengers that travel through bloodstreams to send signals that trigger biological responses, controlling how organs and cells function. The intricate hormonal balance can affect our physical appearance, mental health and emotional well-being. When the hormonal balance is upset, it translates swiftly on the skin. Understanding hormones and their effects on the skin, from the teenage years to perimenopause and menopause, is a challenge for many skin care specialists.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ Oil Serum & Oil Cream Product Display

The Scientific Committee behind the [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin range led by Dr. Davide Bollati; - Dr. Mariuccia Bucci, Nutridermatologist; Dr. Massimo Gualerzi, Cardiologist; and Dr. Claudia Aguirre, Neuroscientist and Skincare Expert have compounded their deep knowledge to develop the Sublime Skin line targeting Hormon-aging™. The line is specifically created for premenopausal and menopausal women (when menstruation eases). A delicate stage for women when hormones can take on a life of their own, could start as early as late 30s or as late as 40s.
Ms. Helena Holden, International Manager of [ comfort zone ]

The Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ line features two skincare products – the Oil Cream and the Oil Serum. The Cell-Support Technology™ is formulated for the products to counter extreme dryness, thinning and loss of density which are typical of menopausal skin. The exclusive Cell-Support Technology™ uses the synergistic effect of chicory extract, a biotechnological marine extract and eco-sustainable maracuja oil, to restore optimal functionality of the skin and to address contrasting cellular anarchy brought about by hormonal decrease.

[Left to Right] Mr. Yip Wei Yin, Chief Operating Officer of Luscious Solution Sdn Bhd, Ms. Hannah Lo, Women’s Love & Relationship Coach, & Ms. Helena Holden, International Manager of [ comfort zone ]

Following [ comfort zone ]’s Science-based Conscious Formulas™ approach, the new Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ products guarantee an optimal “skin support” which replenishes and re-densifies the skin without containing animal derivatives, colorant and silicones. The products are 97.8% of natural-origin ingredients.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ Oil Cream

The Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ Oil Cream is formulated to counter extreme dryness, thinning and loss of density which are typical of menopausal skin, it nourishes and reactivates the weakened cutaneous mechanisms affected by estrogen drops, and works to reveal a nourished and firmer skin.
The activating ingredients for the Oil Cream include:

CHICORY EXTRACT that stimulates vitamin D receptors found in the basal layer of the epidermis. Vitamin D promotes the integrity of skin barriers by strengthening the cutaneous barrier and combating the typi­cal thinning effect of Hormon-aging™.

BIOTECHNOLOGICAL MARINE EXTRACT has its origin from the salt flats of Agua Amarga in Spain, a difficult environment for living creatures. The discovery of Halomonas Eurihalina which could adapt to the harsh environment was harnessed to improve the connection among keratinocytes and the cells of the epidermal and the dermal layers, thus optimizing the skin’s function and synthesis of new collagen.

ABYSSINIAN SEED OIL, SHEA BUTTER AND PLANT-BASED SQUALENE FROM OLIVE OIL create a rich and velvety texture which makes the skin feel immediately softer and protected for longer. The Omega 3 and 6, tocopherol and phytosterol contents, help to retain water and improve cutaneous hydration levels.

The Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ Oil Cream retails at RM588.00.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ Oil Serum

The Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ Oil Serum is designed to stimulate cellular regeneration during the night and combat extreme dryness, thinning and loss of density, which are typical of menopausal skins.
The activating ingredients for the Oil Serum include:

ECO-SUSTAINABLE MARACUJA OIL obtained from passion fru­it seeds (Passiflora Edulis). The oil is obtained through molecular distillation, an innovative extraction technique which uses high speeds and high tem­peratures in extremely short bursts, in order to avoid any damage to the quality of the ingredients and to maximize the concentration. Rich in tocotrienols, the oil enhances cellular regeneration by stimulating the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin.

ABYSSINIAN SEED OIL which is rich in Omega 3 and 6, tocopherols and phytosterols, to nourish and protect skin. It provides a wonder­ful sensorial experience of smoother and silkier skin.

The Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ Oil Serum retails at RM588.00.

If you can’t change your physiology, why not embrace it by responding to it in a favourable way. With the [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Hormon-aging™ products, women can now enter the menopause phase confidently and without worrying about the hormonal effects on their skin. Sublime Skin products are available at over 20 beauty salons nationwide.

In 2019, the Davines Group with its brands such as [ comfort zone ] scored the top 10% on the prestigious “BEST FOR ENVIRONMENT” list by B Corps for its virtuous ability to create a positive impact on the environment, making this Davines Group’s second year of achievement in a row (2018 and 2019).

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