HōMUplus+ Organic Shower Gel by 98 Percent

Thanks to a blogger friend, I was introduced to try out the HōMUplus+ Organic Shower Gel by 98 Percent recently. As a beauty junkie, I am into shower gel because it is easy to lather and smooth over the whole body. I love trying out different shower products and to pamper myself with luxurious shower products. After all it’s the precious me time after a long day at work.
To be honest, it is my first time heard about 98 Percent. When I search for the brand, I found that t is a natural and eco-friendly products company, providing agricultural and baby-safe household products made from organic ingredients. 98 Percent aim to promote healthy and environmentally friendly living, starting from the farm to our daily lives.
This is very important to me as a mother of 2 young girls. A safe products to be used by the whole family. HōMUplus+ Organic Shower Gel is a product under HōMUplus+ Organic Home Use series. Made from pure natural plant extracts with unique formula, HōMUplus+ Organic Shower Gel is suitable for everyone from washing face to shampooing hair and taking a bath. The mild plant essences can effectively solve inflamed and oily scalp problems, reduce skin dryness, redness, rashes and sensitive skin problems.
The Organic ingredients used in HōMUplus+ organic shower gel are certified by ECOCERT. It contains Pure natural plant extracts below hence it is suitable for newborn.
Orange Essential Oil - as a Natural air freshener, disinfects and antibacterial;
Yuzu Essential Oil - Natural air freshener, refreshing and antibacterial;
Aloe Vera Extract - Antibacterial and accelerates wound healing;
Calendula Flower Extract - Soothes skin dryness, redness and itchiness;
Wheat Protein - Repairs hair and protects the scalp;
Chondrus Crispus - Repairs skin from the visible effects of blue light exposure.

Comes with a pump bottle, it is easy and convenient to use because we can use it to washing face, shampooing hair and bathing body at once.
The formula provides moisture and keeps skin healthy, and it also has antibacterial and sterilization effect. It will solves skin problems and strengthens skin immunity by continuing use. When use it on the hair, it keeps scalp healthy and reduces hair loss.
Most importantly, HōMUplus+ Organic Shower Gel is Free of chemical substances, alcohol and other stimulants Ingredients. The shower gel has a subtle fruity scent, and it is gentle on the skin and nourishing too. It gives me a refreshing and soothing effect after use. Overall, I like the HōMUplus+ Organic Shower Gel as it is really nice to use.

HōMUplus+ Shower Gel 700ml is selling at RM128.00 / RM138.00 (EM). 
To find out more about 98 Percent, please visit their website at https://www.98percent.com/.

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