[Food review] Authentic Indian Cuisines at Spice Garden @ The Linc

Authentic Indian cuisines tastes good, all thanks to the abundance of spices and flavors. In fact, there's quite a variety in Indian cuisine, with dishes ranging from North to South and sometimes by kitchen to kitchen.
We are happy to try out the authentic Indian cuisines at Spice Garden @ The Linc. There, we see many diners sharing the same happy glow of contentment indicative of a good meal. In fact, Spice Garden is a well-known semi-fine dining restaurant that serves authentic Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine.
Established in 2003 with its first restaurant in Genting Highlands, Spice Garden boasts of a wide variety of tantalizing dishes, crafted using time-tested traditional recipes that blends fresh spices and herbs from India and cooked to perfection. It has a spacious, comfortable interior that is also relaxed and enjoying.
Their signature “tandoor” dish is cooked in a barrel-shaped open top clay oven that is fired by charcoals. This authentic Tandoori Chicken (RM60) is incredibly juicy and succulent and the flavours of the spices have really seeped in, imbuing it with flavour and zing.
Koliwada Sea Bass (RM 40) is infused with rich, strong flavours of Indian herbs and spices. The sea bass was cooked until so tender and a bit of buttery. One of our favourite dish over the night.
Venison Kebabs (RM55) is a long, cylindrical concoction made up of spiced ground meat that is subsequently grilled in the tandoor oven. The cottony soft end result is redolent of spices and has a light meaty quality that is extremely endearing.
Bread (Naans) Basket (RM42) contains bread selections of white flour, whole wheat and multi-grains. The naans are soft, puffy, airy with the beautiful golden brown spots on the surface.
Best to eat with curry, we have tried many curry that night too.

#1 Tikka features large squares of soft cheese packed with spices and grilled to perfection, so the outside has a light char and the inside remains tender.

#2 Palak matches well with all types of meat, seafood and vegetables.
It is the wholesome goodness of freshly blended spinach cooked with flavourful herbs and spices and also house-made cottage cheese, forming a smoothly textured gravy with loads of natural fibers and beautiful of health benefits.

#3 Makhani is a buttery smooth gravy that made of tomatoes and cashew nuts as its base. It is kids-friendly, and benefiting for those who prefer a taste of pleasant sweetness with their favourite chicken, seafood or vegetables.

#4 Masala, with venison is an enhanced version of Makhani, a curry with medium spiciness enriched with chunks of the natural goodness of fresh tomatoes, onions and capsicums.
The sauce goes well with all types of meat, seafood and vegetables selections to bring out the aroma before cooking them in gravy.
Last but not least, Spice Garden's very signature special dish Khazana Biryani. Mutton Khazana Biryani (RM70++ for 2 pax or RM125++ for 4 pax) is simply awesome. All the flavours are sealed with a flour band. Here, the rice is tinged with almonds, saffron and a spice mix that has given it rich, alluring qualities.
For a taste of something sweet, indulge in the Gulab Jamun (RM8 for 2 pieces). A fried sweet ball which made of milk-solid-based.
According to the director of Focus 88 Sdn. Bhd. & Spice Garden's chef Bharat Batra, “We cook our dishes using centuries pld recipes and techniques that are indispensable to the preparation of truy authentic Indian Cuisines”.
“What make sour dishes special is that we only use original spices and herbs without artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. All our dishes are freshly cooked and not reheated which can cause it to become oily.” Said Bharat Batra.

Spice Garden can tailor its dishes to meet customers' needs such as nut-free, gluten-free and not spicy.

Now, Spice Garden is managing by the second generation of the founder, Pradee Batra and it has 4 outlets in Malaysia with two located in KL and one in Genting Highlands and one in Alor Setar.

Spice Garden @ The LINC KL
Add: Lot 1-3, 1-3-4F, First Floor, The LINC KL
Jalan Tun Razak, Taman U Thant,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 9213 0377
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 10pm
For more information, visit www.facebook.com/SpiceGardenMalaysia

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