Latest Hair Repair Treatment and Products for 2019

My hair is damaged due to excessive dye, blow dry and styling. Hence, I am always in needs of help to get back it's moisture and strength. I am glad that I have attended the launch of Schwarzkopf Professional's BC Fibre Clinix that bring us the most powerful repair performance ever.
Top as the best hair-repair treatment to remedy your damaged strands, BC Fibre Clinix is a new breakthrough haircare treatment transforms the hair fibre back to its perfect, healthy virgin properties. The salon exclusive customised service instantly improves hair quality, providing 10x stronger hair, complete sealing of hair porosity and up to 60 days of inner and outer hair restoration.

The BC Fibre Clinix treatment started with FIBRE CLINIX TRIBOND SHAMPOO that prepares the hair structure for the personalised BC Fibre Clinix Treatment. Then the hair is ready for FIBRE CLINIX TRIBOND TREATMENT COARSE HAIR - an intense, strengthening treatment for medium to coarse hair types. Finsih off with FIBRE CLINIX PEPTIDE REPAIR BOOSTER, a concentrated emulsion that replenishes porous hair. Available in a variant of Peptide Repair Booster, Hyaluronic Moisture Booster, pH4.5 Color Booster, Collagen Volume Booster and Keratin Smooth Booster, these bespoke boosters targeted to different hair type for total hair replenishement. The FIBRE CLINIX PEPTIDE REPAIR BOOSTER is customisable to intensifies the effect of the BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatments. According to the users, it offers up to 90% hair revitalisation and up to 90% less breakage after the treatment.
Consumers can also add in the BC Bonacure home care range for a prolonged result.
Designed for damaged, distressed hair, PEPTIDE REPAIR RESCUE range is infused with potent formulas with Peptides nourish, restructure and repair hair from the inside out. The inner structure is fully replenished with renewed elasticity, resurfacing cuticles for remarkably healthy-looking hair with a soft silky feeling.

While there are also Hyaluronic Moisure Kick range, pH 4.5 Color Freeze range, Collagen Volume Boost range, Keratin Smooth Perfect range and Q10+ Time Restore range available for different needs.

Consult your hairdresser for more information.
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