[Review] NH Colla-Plus 3 Beauty Drink

As a beauty junkie, I started consume collagen drinks many years ago in order to achieve plumper, firmer skin and a younger-looking complexion. Collagen is a type of protein found in our body which gives our skin the youthful glow and elasticity that we love. Unfortunately, as we age, the production of collagen depletes. We start losing collagen pretty early. After we turn 21, we lose around 1% every year. Once we hit menopause, collagen disappears at lightening speed! One will lose even more collagen if you live in a polluted city, eat a lot of sugar or don’t wear sunscreen daily. UV rays, pollution and sugar all destroy collagen, making your skin wrinkle and sag faster.

By consuming collagen drink, it can directly provide our body with the essential amino acids it needs to repair connective tissues of the skin and help kick-start the production of collagen again.

In fact, Collagen drinks are all the rage now. There are many selections available for consumer but I always love NH Colla-Plus 3. NH Colla Plus 3 beauty drink is a breakthrough in skin formulation that works far beyond a collagen drink. Its’ potent combination of advanced ingredients such as Tea Polyphenols, Yeast Ceramide and Olive Extract (Hydroxytyrosol), elevates your skin to its most beautiful state naturally.
The Wonders of Yeast Ceramide

• Helps replenish lost ceramide due to harsh environment factors and ageing.
• Enhances collagen production in the skin.
• Restores and retains moisture.
• Helps inhibit melanin production and promote pigment lightening effect.
• Supports skin structure to prevent wrinkles and lines.

The Wonders of Olive Extract (15% Hydroxytyrosol)

• Hydroxytyrosol is a world-class antioxidant found in olives. It has 15x the antioxidant activity of green tea and 3x the antioxidant activity of CoQ10.
• It stimulates the body’s own glutathione system, to help reduce skin pigmentation and promote brighter skin tone.
During the recent event of NH Colla Plus 3 at IOI City Mall, they have announced that the multi-talented artist Janna Nick is the new face of NH Colla Plus 3. Janna has shared her satisfying testimonial with the fast and noticeable results from consuming NH Colla Plus 3. She shared that her skin is smoother, softer and more moisturised within 3 days of consumption. Now we can attain healthy and beautiful skin that we desire most.
Since they were having great promotion for NH Colla Plus 3 on that day, I brought home a few boxes and consume it right away.

NH Colla Plus 3 is suitable for men and women, from age 18 and above who want healthy and beautiful skin. For all skin types, with or without skin problems.

Recommended Consumption

Day 1 to 6: Consume one bottle daily on an empty stomach in the morning or before bedtime.
Day 7 and onwards: Consume one bottle every alternate day.
I like to chill it in the fridge, and shake well before drinking it every night. It is tasty in berry flavor, no fishy taste at all. After drinking it, my skin is more elastic, firmer and look younger now. I would recommend it to you who wants to look and feel youthful.

Made from 100% all-natural ingredients and devoid of any preservatives, synthetic flavoring, coloring and chemical additives.
Made by Herbalceutical (M) Sdn. Bhd. That has been in the market for over 15 years(established in 1995), impacting lives and spreading good health all around. At present, the core business of the company lies in manufacturing, developing and distributing a wide range of pure herbal based health supplements. We can be assure on the quality products from this experienced manufacturer.
NH Colla-Plus 3 is available in 2 sizes, 6 x 50ml for RM 48 and 12 x 50ml for RM 86.80. They are available at Watsons store and Watsons online store too.

More information, visit Watsons website | Facebook Page | Instagram Page.

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