Go BEYOND Your Expectations with BEYOND Angel Aqua Skincare Range

Have you ever felt like your skin needs a drink of water? I have. My skin has been reacting to the warm weather badly recently. My open pores have become worsen, and my skin is dry, rough and dull. I know that my skin needs oil moisture and water moisture so badly hence I am exploring the new hydrating skincare range.
This is my first time trying out the Angel Aqua Skincare range from BEYOND brand, a Korean sister brand to THE FACE SHOP. According to BEYOND, it is an ethical and eco-friendly brand launched in 2005. It uses natural ingredients that contain the vital force of energy to restore beauty to humans and the environment. As a specialist for sustainable skin and body care products, BEYOND offers a wide range of products to cater to all skin types and concerns.
This year, BEYOND launch their latest Angel Aqua Skincare range that is specifically-created for dehydrated and oily-combination skin. With an ultra-mild formula containing a blend of skin-friendly and sustainable-sourced natural ingredients. They are free from fragrance, coal tar gye, ethanol, mineral oil, paraben, animal-derived oil, sulfate hence even sensitive skins will benefit greatly for this skincare range.

The range contains Angel Aqua Cream, Angel Aqua Big Toner and Angel Aqua Cica Cream that are suitable for all skin type. They contain a combination of Angel's Tears Extract to control sebum while deliver enough moisture to soften rough skin texture and Mineral Sprout Water that is packed with vitamins and amino acids for skin's vitality and youth.

Angel Aqua Cream (2x150ml, RM 130)
Angel Aqua Cream has an unique gel texture that provides regenerating action and a stronger visible efficacy on glow. The lightweight, non-oily soothing cream absorbed into skin without any greasy feel. Contain organic Babassu Butter and Ceramide, it provide long-lasting moisture to the skin. 
The skin feels vitalized and soft after just one application. Skin's dullness is healed, skin's glow is revived eventually.
Angel Aqua Cream has a calming scent and is comes with a spatula for hygiene purpose. My skin is intensely moisturized, smoother, more even and radiant day after day. No wonder it is awarded the tile of “No. 1 Hydrating Cream” from 2016, first half Korean Consumer Report.
Immediate result after use

The best part is, the super-sized 150ml jar can last me for months. It's certainly value for money.

Angel Aqua Big Toner (500ml, RM 99)

Comes in an pump bottle packaging that is hygiene and easy to use. All we need to do is just pump and apply to freshen up. Angel Aqua Big Toner has a super-mild formulation that instantly soothes sensitivity and balances the complexion.
Contains TECA (Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica) that boosts collagen synthesis for firmer skin, while Alllantoin Panthenol soothes sensitivity and prevents moisture loss.
Some tips from BEYOND – You can store Angel Aqua Big Toner in a spray bottle to mist over skin whenever needed. Wow, that is really helpful especially in our warm and humid weather. My girls' and my skin are always irritated and feeling itchy in outdoor, hence we are carrying Angel Aqua Big Toner mist and it has save our life now.

Angel Aqua Cica Cream (2x100ml, RM 130)

Angel Aqua Cica Cream has a soft, velvety and creamy texture that is easy to absorb. It provides rapid relief for irritated skin. Packed with Macro and Micro Hyaluronic Acid, Angel Aqua Cica Cream soothe, protecting and strengthening our skin barrier effectively. 
It has become a must for my household because it soothes our itchy skin effectively while also provide moisture to the skin to reduce skin inflammation.
The best part of BEYOND Angel Aqua Skincare range is that they comes in big sizes and are reasonably-priced, which allow everyone of us to get hydrated on a budget. They are physically effective and cost effective. What a blessing!

BEYOND Angel Aqua Skincare range is available exclusively on THE FACE SHOP E-store at www.thefaceshop.com.my from November 2018.

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