The Organic Kampung Chicken by AQINA Farm

From young, my mom has been using kampung chicken to cook for us as it is more delicious than any other chicken. It's even better now because AQINA has launch the Organic Kampung Chicken which has been proven to be leaner, healthier and have less fat than the conventional chicken by up to 30%. This significant discovery, announced by AQINA on 4th Sep 2018, the market leader in the production of organic kampung chicken, is backed up by various studies done by the AQINA veterinary lab experts and as well as other independent researchers.
Mr. Wesley Tan, Group Executive Director of AQINA

Meeting & maintaining the high standards of production of organic kampung chicken, AQINA Farm made history by being awarded as Malaysia’s first and only company to be presented with two (2) accreditations: 1) Malaysia Organic Animal Production (MyOrganic) and Malaysia Good Agriculture Practice (MyGAP) by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) at an official ceremony held in KL Gateway Mall today. The launching of the event was conducted by Mr. Wesley Tan, the Group Executive Director of AQINA Group of Companies, and was graced by Guest of Honor – En Yasser Arafat bin Zainal Rashid, Principal Assistant Director – Business Development Division of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.
As consumers, today are more concerned about health and nutritional values around the world, “Organic” section of the Poultry Aisle is fast gaining popularity, similar to the common Produce Aisle (Fresh Fruits & Vegetables) in most major supermarkets. The demand for “Organic Kampung Chicken” is fast becoming the healthier choice of many families because it contains significantly less fat, free of chemical residue and tastier cuisines. Leaner cuts of organic kampung meat make chicken an even healthier protein choice, and speed up cooking time to make it a practical choice for daily cooking. Nobody likes to think of food that’s poisonous, but commercially-raised poultry often contains hormones, antibiotics and trace amounts of pesticides, all of which can be a potential health hazard. Furthermore, chicken that’s not commercially produced tends to be more tender and have better absorbing flavors, and consumers seem to prefer the taste of organic chicken.
AQINA, the ‘Healthier Meat Choice’ provider, has been known as the leader of poultry farm for kampung chickens for the past 20 years, and is known as one of the largest kampung chicken production companies in the nation. Operating from a halal-certified slaughtering cum processing plant in Taman Perindustrian Ulu Choh, Pekan Nenas, Johor, Malaysia, AQINA has an hourly production capacity of 6,000 heads of chickens. AQINA’s expertise is in breeding kampung chickens the traditional way, by nurturing them organically and slowly, over 70 days to its optimal size, without antibiotics and growth hormones. AQINA believes that slower growth, better diet and more exercise make their kampung chicken healthier, leaner and tastier. “Slower-growing” chickens or “kampung chicken” are chickens that can take almost twice as long to reach market weight – about 81 days typically – because they do not convert feed to muscle as quickly.
Pleased to be the first in Malaysia to receive accreditation from the Malaysian Government with MyOrganic and MyGAP certification, Group Executive Director of AQINA Group of Companies – Wesley Tan proudly said, “AQINA’s Organic Kampung Chickens are unique and represents the highest quality of poultry in the organic market where AQINA feeds their chickens with their own special formulated digestive natural bromelain enzymes from MD2 pineapples, which contains vitamin C, vitamin B1, potassium, manganese and phytonutrients. We’re confident that our chicken will not only guarantee you healthier livestock, but also ensure the most tender meat for your daily meals.”
During the event, Dr Gulam Shah bin Faizal Din, a qualified professional veterinarian consultant, also gave a health talk and reiterated that bromelain enzyme can be used as probiotic in chicken diets. This enzyme helps to boost immunity and digestibility, which explains why AQINA can supply Organic Kampung Chicken, free from antibiotic residue, growth hormone, capable of performing like any conventional reared chicken.
In the coming years, AQINA Group will continue to expand and invest in its poultry processing and producing including breeding of kampung chickens and be a innovative provider of healthier meat choices to the consumers across Malaysia, Singapore and the rest of ASEAN through wholesalers, retailers and F&B chains.

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Rini Ismail said...

I also love chicken kampung since it is organic. But the price is a bit pricey compare to chicken bandar right?

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