[Review] BALNEUM INTENSIV for Dry and Very Dry Skin

Living in the tropical country, our skin can easily become dry due to harsh environment like heat and wind. Sadly, the skin is not only lose it's moisture but also become dry and itchy if we do not take care of it.

My mum is having dry skin for years. As skin aged, the dry skin condition has caused her looking dull. I felt upset when I see my mum's skin is flaky, itchy and dry skin. Mum has not tried many skincare as she was a traditional housewife who prefer to wash her face with just plain water. Hence, when I got to know about BALNEUM INTENSIV, a brand that is specialised for Dry and Very Dry Skin, I quickly thought of letting my mum try it out to see if it could advocating her skin concern.

We like that BALNEUM INTENSIV provides a full skincare routine for everyday use - from a gentle wash, lotion and cream. Their products are pack in a practical paper box, bottle and tube.


A soap free synthetic detergent for gently daily cleansing of dry and very dry skin. Contains emollient lipids and protects skin against moisture loss. Can be use on hands and face. You may also use it as a shampoo.
Our verdict - The liquid is transparent and emulsify to white when in touch with water. The formula is gentle and it cleanses dirt and debris from skin while also adding moisture back to the skin with ingredients like ceramide. Skin felt clean, soft and moisture after wash off.


An oil-in water emulsion with a high lipid content. The lotion is more watery hence it is easier to apply on whole body Apply on arms, legs and other skin area as it regenerates the natural barrier function of the skin and rebuilds the skin's own protective layer.
Our verdict - The lotion has a watery texture hence it is easy to spread on the skin and absorb quickly into the skin. Free of fragrance, parabens, and sulfates, this gentle formula won't irritate, but it definitely will provide moisture and strength to skin, thanks to an ingredients list made up of all-stars like amino acids and niacinamides.


Made from a unique combination of urea, ceramides and physiological lipids which are lacking in dry skin and it soothes a wide range of dry skin conditions. The cream is an oil-in water emulsion with a high lipid content. The cream has a creamy texture which is more suitable to apply on small area, like hands and elbows. It regenerates the natural barrier function of the skin and rebuilds the skin's own protective layer.
Our verdict - A little goes a long way, the rich creamy texture is luxury to apply on dry skin. It gives an instant moisturising effect which is also long lasting. It's a simple way to give dry skin a little extra TLC with BALNEUM INTENSIV Cream.
All these three BALNEUM INTENSIV products contain Urea EP 5.0% w/w, Ceramid NP 0.1% w/w. urea. This substance is found naturally in the skin and helps the skin to retain water. Many people with eczema and psoriasis have reduced amounts of urea in their skin and BALNEUM INTENSIV products can help by replacing it.

Note, the products contain soya oil and may not be suitable for people who are allergic to soya or peanuts.

BALNEUM INTENSIV products is reliable as they are Dermatologically tested, free from perfume, preservatives and colours. Made by Almirall Hermal GmbH in Germany, the quality is ensured and safe to use on everyone. No wonder the brand is recommended by doctors and dermatologists.
Mum has been using BALNEUM INTENSIV range for more than 2 weeks now. Every morning and evening, she wash her face and neck using BALNEUM INTENSIV Wash follow by applying BALNEUM INTENSIV Cream. Her skin is noticeable more nourish now.
Meanwhile, mum has also apply BALNEUM INTENSIV Lotion onto other skin area which is dry after bath. As we know, applying moisturizers regularly after bathing helps prevent dry skin. The moisture stays for long hours on her skin within needing to reapply.

After 2 weeks of continuous using it, her skin has become more moisturized and not that dry anymore. The best part is, mum does not feel uncomfortable or itchy on her skin now. I am happy that BALNEUM INTENSIV helps her to overcome her dry skin concern.

For more information on BALNEUM INTENSIV, check out with the doctors near you. 
BALNEUM INTENSIV are also selling at AA pharmacy, BIG pharmacies and other leading independent pharmacies.

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