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Women are sensible, easy to love and yet sometime hard to understand. But, one thing for sure is that messages of love, praise and appreciation is best pair with flowers. They may tell you they don’t want flowers as gift but give them some finest collection of beautifully crafted bouquets would definitely make them happy.
I have recently came across a Singapore Online Florist that offers pretty bouquets. Floral Garage Singapore is a local online florist that provides same-day flower delivery services. Their most popular product is the freestyle bouquet that cost just $34.90, and this bouquet will be specially crafted by their florists according to the recipient/customer's needs, age, and occasion of event. Every freestyle bouquet is different and unique to the customer!

Customers can choose the style of bouquet they want - rustic, modern or traditional for this bouquet. For example, we are impressed with the signature freestyle bouquet that comes with great combination of flowers and awesome floral arrangements.

Besides fresh flower bouquet, Floral Garage Singapore also provide bridal bouquets and gift baskets. Do check out this page on how to order:

Let’s delight your loved ones this Valentines by creating moments of joy with luxury and fresh flowers from Floral Garage Singapore. As Valentine's day is coming up, Floral Garage Singapore will be having an early bird special until 15th January 2018 with a 20% discount off Valentine's Day bouquets and they will also give away free romantic soft toys such a red heart plushy worth $7.80 (while stock lasts). Valentine's Day bouquets is indeed the staple gift for your loved one on this special day. 

Floral Garage Singapore’s standard delivery price is only $9.70, how affordable flower delivery in singapore is. I have read some impressive reviews from Google Reviews, which identified Floral Garage Singapore is in fact the best known online florist in Singapore for their quality service.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Floral garage Singapore to order that blooming bouquet or your special ones now. 


Hanny Abdullh said...

Woww..the flower look beautiful. Flowers are an amazing gift and make people happier in so many ways...i love flowers

Zaza Iman said...

Cantiknya jambangan bunga.. I like.. Tak pernah lagi dapat hehe

Tengkubutang said...

now its easy to buy florist .. just click and pay online.. i love flower too.. =)

Khaidir said...

Valentine's Day is coming and I'm single.Haha.

Patma said...

Really beautiful combination

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