It ain't Scam! WOWSkin is Giving Out Free Cash to you!

Skincare is the fundamental of everything, hence it's more important than makeup, don't you agree? A good skincare routine would helps one to achieve flawless and perfect skin. There are so many skincare brand in the market, but there is only one which is giving out free cash to you. Introducing WOWSkin, a local skincare brand that I encountered lately.
WOWSkin products are pack in cute pink color. I guess every girls would love it's sweet packaging a lot. I am eyeing on their signature products – the Vitamin A, B3, C, D & E serum set for day and night usage. Why? Because it has so many benefits in the serum, from anti-redness, antioxidant, immune boosting, skin glowing, anti-wrinkles, anti-dryness, skin smoothing, decrease sebum, collagen boosting, skin hydrating, improves texture, reduce acne, anti inflammatory, cells repairing, anti-dark spots, treats sunburn, and skin firming. So many functions in the bottle, just Wow! Isn't it?
The serums are registered with KKM. Day Serum - NOT170500805K and Night serum – NOT170501806K so it is trust-able to use on our skin. Suitable for all skin types, we can use it everyday. The best news is that WOWSkin is having promotion of RM 50 discount. From initial price of RM 120, customers just need to pay RM 70 only! 
The best part? WOWSkin is having #makeMONEYchallenge contest for us to win free cash of RM 62,000. 
It is easy to join, just follow simple steps below;
  1. Become the sales representative to sell WOWSkin at RM 62 + RM 8 in total of RM 70 per unit. 
  2. The sales representative has to transfer the RM70 to HQ to make sure there's no unhealthy activities going on. 
  3. The “sales” cash will be return to the participant from 30th Jan 2018 onward. 
  4. RM 8 postage fees chargeable to the client will not be refund. 
  5. The sales starts from 5th Jan 2018. 
  6. All Malaysian can join this contest. 
  7. You don't have to keep stock but just submit the order to WOWSkin system. HQ will post the products to participant with tracking number to you. 
  8. You can apply any promotions or marketing styles for sales but please follow the rules. 
  9. Register your participants at WOWSkin official system at
  10. If you have registered before, you have to post the link again to be eligible. 

That's it, simple and straight forward to join. Let's join it now and get our free cash by end of this month!

For more information on WOWSkin, go to their website , Facebook Page and Instagram.


Lia Hasty said...

Now serum become the important product you need to apply at your face. First time I heard about this product, WOW Skin.

penaberkala said...

Just heard about this brand. Wow, people can make some money by selling this product. Such a good initiative

Hasif Hamsyari said...

wah.. sambil mendapatkan produk yang berkualiti bolehlah berpeluang nak menang wang tunai. woohoo!

Fadzi Razak said...

Oh, but we need to be the sales representative to sell WOWSkin before we can enter the contest is it? Selling stuff is not really my thing though hee

Henry Tan said...

wow another smart way to do marketing for their product ya.

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Huda Halid said...

wow skin serum is most cheap serum i ever know, and good for skin health and beauty.

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