SHISEIDO Celebrates Hikari with a Special Symphony of Lights Collection

Be prepared to light up your life beautifully this holiday season. From skincare essentials to mesmerizing scents, Shiseido has the perfect beauty gifts for all.
From lanterns to candles to creative electronics, illumination has been something of an art form in Japan since the 700s. This holiday season, SHISEIDO celebrates Hikari with a special Symphony of Lights collection that celebrates the magic of light in a uniquely Japanese way.

Created by the renowned Japanese calligrapher SISYU, the design involves a layering of 21 versions of the character HikariBased on the Japanese character Hikari, which represents light, the concept encompasses the idea of beauty that is visible on the outside, as well as the beauty that shines from within every woman. It shows a diverse range of expressions and to demonstrate the brilliance of light, conjuring a unique, festive aesthetic. A collage of different styles and brush strokes, this composition expresses the different types of light within all of us, joining together in a festive, unique visual symphony for the holiday season.

2017 Holiday Limited Edition with SISYU 

SHISEIDO Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate SISYU
—Illuminating the Power Within
Ultimune focuses on the power within the skin, and this special limited edition is an artistic interpretation of that idea, evoking the light that shines from within each and every one of us. Its packaging is embellished with a luminous golden design, created by one of Japan’s most cherished artists. 

SHISEIDO Makeup Holiday Limited Edition

Limited edition case for cushion compact that stimulates the joy and excitement of this special season. I like the Sparkling White case as it's so sparkling and lovely.
There are also variety of gift sets available. Get your's at all Shiseido counters nationwide now.

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