[Review] Davines Naturaltech Renewing Scalp Treatment

Just like our skin, we need to pamper our hair and scalp frequently to achieve healthy scalp and hair. This time, we were glad to try out the latest Naturaltech Renewing Scalp Treatment by Davines. Davines is the Italian cult haircare label taking the salons of the world by storm. They use only ethical production methods, natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and decades of scientific knowledge to treat and nourish all hair types. Furthermore, the entire range is paraben and sulphate-free, as well as vegan, with an emphasis on minimising impact on the environment where it can. What not to love for Davines?
Enriched with Hair Longevity Complex that protects the hair and scalp against ageing, Davines’s Naturaltech Renewing line is suitable for all scalp and hair types. Hence, the Davines Davines’s Naturaltech Renewing line is labels in green and white with turtle that symbolised longevity. Naturaltech is a system of products and treatments specifically formulated to prevent and resolve the most common skin and hair conditions.

Contains hair longevity complex that consists of 3 ingredients below;
Carnosine : Prevent ageing generated from oxidative stress and inflammation.
Maquit Berry Extract : contains molecules with powerful anti-free radical and anti-inflammatory properties.
Spinach Extract : Contains many vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy skin and hair.
Davines Naturaltech Renewing Scalp Treatment started with a nurturing and relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage using Refresh Body Oil that unlocking deep tension whilst quieting the mind, simply a truly relaxing experience.
Then the hair stylist applied Renewing Pro Boost Superactive on my scalp and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinse off thoroughly. Renewing Pro Boost Superactive is an exfoliating regenerating fluid that works to enhance the results of subsequent treatments. It has a gentle peeling action that removes the scalp’s outermost layer. In addition, it prepares the scalp by deeply cleaning and toning, allowing obtaining increased benefits from subsequent treatments.
Next, it’s time to wash and tone the hair with Renewing Shampoo and Renewing Conditioning Treatment. I love how natural the Renewing Shampoo and Renewing Conditioning Treatment smell. 
The stylist told me that the Renewing Conditioning Treatment on Scalp & Hair could also be used pre or post shampoo according to hair type and desired conditioning effect.
After towel-drying hair, the hair stylist distribute the Renewing Serum Superactive on my scalp from the roots to the ends before massage gently and comb through.
We were surprised by the results of this 4 steps scalp and hair treatment. Not only my scalp is deeply cleansed, my hair also feels softer, shinier and full-bodied after the treatment. Davines Naturaltech Renewing Scalp Treatment is indeed the perfect maintenance of ideal scalp and hair condition. Try it out at the nearest Davines hair saloon near you to believe it.
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