Moist Diane: The Next Generation of Oil Hair Care with PhytoCellTech Technology

We all know cleansing oil is an effective makeup remover, right? Cleansing oil could remove all the makeup easily, but what about Oil Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioner? I bet not many of us have heard nor used it before right.
With much enthusiasm, Moist Diane introduces the Next Generation of Oil Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioner to the mass in Malaysia recently.  Bold and miraculous, Moist Diane has arrived at Watsons.
The Moist Diane Launch in collaboration with Watsons is an exciting event for the team as this is the first and foremost official announcement to the public about this astonishing series of Oil Hair Care products.
Moist Diane introduces its latest haircare range which is greaseless; silicon- free variant that developed with 3 technologies exclusively for hair and scalp. It repairs, reproduce and activate your hair.
3 Technologies:
1)     Next generation (Botanical Rare Oil). This rare oil is added to the main ingredient Argan Oil for synergistic effect
2)     Assuring the longevity of skin cells: Next generation (PhytoCellTech). New plant cell culture technology invented to protect skin stem cells
3)     Next generation (Phyto Peptides): Ion Complex Technology
The formulation and technologies provides superior moisturisation, shine, and repair. It also features Cupuacu, Mango Seed Oil, Marula Oil and Lupine Oil to further boost repair.

Infused with the healing and moisturizing properties of Vitamin E, Argan Oil from Morocco has the ability to deeply cleanse, protect and hydrate the hair and scalp after each wash. When applied onto hair, it leaves hair feeling smooth without the grease feel provides. Its Baobab Oil, also known as “Tree of Life” is extracted by cold-pressing the fruit seed of baobab tree. The seeds contain high amount of rare oil which works as an excellent natural hair moisturiser.
Strengthening Ion Complex Technology helps repair hair from the core. Cuticles on the damaged hair are suppressed from lifting up to achieve silky, smooth, healthy-looking hair. And to ensure the longevity of skin cells, its PhytoCellTech utilizes the totipotency of plant stem cells. All plant cells are capable of reproducing pats or entire parts of their structure. Through cell dedifferentiation, it will revert into cells. The PhytoCellTech technology utilizes the wound-healing mechanism of plants.
Mandom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd President, Mr. Daniel giving a speech in the Moist Diane launch event

For women who are looking for a great way to maintain their modern styles between salon visits, Moist Diane provides a triple advantage. Edges are the most delicate part of the hair strand due to the rigors of styling, and it’s an added bonus to know that you’re getting styling, strengthening power and incredible shine with Argan Oil from Morocco -- all in one bottle. We believe our new range of haircare by Moist Diane™ will give consumers what they want− a healthy, rich long-lasting smooth.

Moist Diane  haircare range including below; 

Moist Diane Moist & Shine
Repairs damaged hair remarkably from the core with moisture ingredients. I have tried this range and found out it works well in removing dirt while maintaining the moisture of my hair. It leads to smoother, and brighter hair with a few wash. 

Moist Diane Volume & Scalp
Recuperates damage scalp without any burden on skin. Rebuilds weakening barrier and moisture function of scalp.
Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair
Repairs damaged hair by delivering nourishing moisture deep into the hair. Improves and replaces lost moisture inside hair and seals in the water to keep hair hydrated. Repair ingredients lead to moisture-rich, bright and shiny hair 

They are already available at all major Watson outlets in Malaysia.

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