Combat Acne with Oxy’s New Aanoplex Formula - 4-in-1 Targeted Acne Solution

Here’s a piece of good news for those that are suffering from acne prone skin. OXY has a new and effective solution to fight pimples and blemishes while at the same time improves your skin condition for a clearer, smoother and healthier skin.
Introducing the new Oxy Acnoplex formula, with 4X acne fighting power formula helps to keep skin clear and blemish-free with 4 targeted actions: 

1.      Fights Pimples – Contains Isopropyl Methylphenol & Salicylic Acid which helps to remove dead skin cells, and penetrate deep into pores to unclog pores and fight pimples.

2.      Lightens Pimple Mark – With Cantella Asiatica Extract to help lighten pimple marks and dark spots and revitalize the skin for a fresher look.

3.      Oil Control – with 5α Avocuta (Avocado extract) that controls excess oil secretion and yet is gentle on skin. Excess oil on the skin can trap dirt and clog-up pores which may lead to pimples.

4.      Hydration - with Olive Oil and Seaweed Extract that has ultra-moisturising properties to relieves dry skin from deep within the pores and maintains moisture balance. A balance-moisturised skin will help to control excess oil/sebum production 

OXY’s Acnoplex Formula range of products include:

1) Deep Cleansing Wash, 50g & 100g (RM8.50 & RM 13.90)

2) Acne Control Whitening Wash, 50g & 100g (RM8.50 & RM 13.90)
3)  Acne Control Toner, 150 ml (RM 13.90)
4) Acne Control Moisturizer, 45g (RM 14.90)

Say hello to clear, blemish-free skin with OXY’s Acnoplex Formula range.

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