Chinese New Year Feast Begins at Ee Chinese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel PJ

Chinese New Year is just 11 days away! CNY is about to gather and catch up with friends and family while have meal together. Which restaurant has you choose to go this Chinese New Year? I have a good suggestion, the Ee Chinese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.
Why would I say so? Because, not only the environment is comfortable, the food is special yet delicious. Start off the feast with traditional toss of 3 unique varieties of Yee Sang including Live Australia Lobster Yee Sang, Abalone Rice Crackers Yee Sang, Salmon with Rice Crackers Yee Sang and many more. As we Chinese believe the higher the Yee Sang is tossed, the more prosperous one will get in the coming year.
Salmon with Rice Crackers Yee Sang comes with really fresh salmon. The sweet and sour sauce is just nice as an appetizer for me.
The sumptuous feast continues with dishes specially prepared by Master Chef Yong and his talented team. Go on a gastronomic journey with dishes such as Mini Monk Jump Over the Wall, Braised Abalone, Dried Oysters, Steamed Giant Century Grouper.
I especially love the Double Boiled Sun Dried Seafood Soup with Pigeon. The soup is really tasty while the pigeon meat is cooked until it looks like a cloud which melted in my mouth. Master Chef Yong has opened my eyes with this soup.
Oven Baked Live Oyster with Cheese is another special dish for this Chinese New Year. For Oyster lover, indulge yourselves in the freshness of Oyster with rich baked cheese flavor.

Poached Capon Traditional Style is suitable for the whole family. The Capon is full of chicken fragrant and its juicy meats are fantastic to eat alone or dip with the special prepared chili and ginger sauce.
Another must try dish is the Baked Cod Fish with Egg Caviar. The cod fish is baked until crunchy outside while juicy and fresh inside.
Braised Cabbage with Eight Treasures is great to see and nice to eat. Inside the cabbage are Dried Oyster, Scallops, Mushrooms, Salted Egg, Lotus Seeds, Prawns, Sea Cucumber and Chestnut. The ingredients are really precious where I think the whole family would be liking this dish.
The other special dish is Fried Rice with Seafood and Rice Crackers. The top layer is fully covered with Roe and the middle layer is cover with rice crackers. I can taste 3 different crunchiness texture in this fragrantly fried rice.
Last but not least, my favourite part of the meal – dessert. Double Boiled White Fungus, Gingko and Hasma Served with Sweet Duet is yummy yet nourishing. I can have 10 bowls of Double Boiled White Fungus, Gingko and Hasma and still hoping for more lol.
In addition, Eastin Hotel PJ has special banquet promotions from RM 1,388++ per table of 10 persons for companies who wish to organize Chinese New Year appreciation dinner with colleagues, business associates and clients. Savour their hearty selection of delicious food and toss for prosperity, good luck and good health at Eastin Hotel PJ.
Make your reservation with Ee Chinese Cuisine at phone no: +6-03-7665 1111 ext 137 & 138 or email at
Ee Chinese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel PJ opening hours;
Lunch: Monday to Saturday 12pm to 2.30pm
            Sunday & Public Holidays 10am to 2.30pm
Dinner: Daily from 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Wishing everyone a prosperous and wealthy Goat year! 捞生捞生,越捞越生啊!

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