It has never been so easy to create a Fresh and Bright Impression

Hi readers, in the beginning of new Quarter for year 2013, I wanna share something that I tried and fall in love to with you.

I always believe a fresh and bright impression is essential for self-confident and good fortune; hence I always try my best to be presentable in that way. Now, this has never been so easy before by utilizing the LUNASOL purifying makeup.
First, I defined my eye brow with Brow Styling Compact N – BR03 Natural Brown. The 4-color compact eyebrow powder creates natural, 3 dimensional eyebrows.
Elegant LUNASOL case
LUNASOL Brow Styling Compact N contains 3 light and dark shades with an added nuance color.

I like that it comes with the 2 mini brushes for styling needs. They are powder puff brush to dispersing powder evenly, angled brow brush for filling in and a brow brush to shape the brow. The brushes are soft and superior in quality just like LUNASOL actual size brushes.
Any woman could easily experience natural-looking eyebrows with depth by lightly applying a nuance color.

The next essential cosmetic is blusher. Blusher is important for us to look alive instantly. I like LUNASOL Coloring Cheeks N – 02 Light Coral that gives me beautiful and natural glow, my skin looks illuminating instead of sparkle.
Like most of the Japanese brands, LUNASOL Coloring Cheeks N is sheer. The powders are very fine and smooth like silk. As you can see, each blush color has 3 different shades and textures; they are the main color with some shimmer, another lighter version which is matte, and a highlight with light shimmer. I personally prefer to swirl the brush to mix all 3 colors and apply the natural tint of color to my cheeks.
LUNASOL Coloring Cheeks N – 02 Light Coral swatches

The new LUNASOL Coloring Cheeks N is formulated with new formula for long-lasting effect.
I used the LUNASOL Control makeup base, skin modeling foundation, powder, Brow Styling Compact N, Vivid Clear Eyes palette, Coloring Cheeks N, liquid lips and nail finish N in this image.
It has never been so easy to create a Fresh and Bright Impression.

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Sherry said...

pretty mom :D

I still have so much to learn...

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thanks Sherry, yeah let's learn together :)

cindy said...

natural look!love it!

illy ariffin said...

looking great as always :)

I got the sample of the powder from Vanity Trove and The Lilac
box and from Wonderbox.. havent tried it out yet...

After reading your review, really make me wanna try it out :)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hihi Cindy, yupe I like natural look too. :)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Illy, you should try the Lunasol Powder! Trust me you gonna like it because it's so smooth.

Chuen said...

The coral blush looks amazing ^^
Strings Of Memories

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Indeed, Chuen. I love the Blush, and for the price of RM 90 (without Case) I found it rather cheap compare with some other brands. :)

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