Fisher-Price® Launches Play Ambassador Programme

Children grow through play. As they transition quickly from the infant and toddler stages to become pre-schoolers, parents are on a constant lookout for new ways to educate, entertain and play with them. Fisher-Price®, a trusted name in quality toys and gear, is known to keep these little ones engaged in a fun and stimulating manner through the various stages of growth. From rockers and gyms to high chairs and even jumperoos, Fisher-Price® has always focused on creating innovative toys and gear that enrich and celebrate childhood.

Fisher-Price® Malaysia recently went on a hunt to find parents who share similar views in raising children by enriching their lives through play. As a result, the company today launched the expansion of their Play Ambassador Programme, with the introduction of local parenting blogger Diyana Yang as well as Vince and Melissa Tan - proud parents of ‘the Happy 3 Bubs’ (triplets) as new ambassadors for Fisher-Price®. Together, under the guidance of initial ambassador Belinda Chee, they will further instil the ‘Joy of Learning’ to parents throughout Malaysia.

Speaking at the exclusive media event, Belinda Chee shared, “Throughout the last year with Fisher-Price®, I have gained so much knowledge on how play can benefit children. With just a few of the right toys at different stages of their development, any parent can help ensure their child develops into a well-rounded individual. Instilling the joy of learning through interactive play not only develops the child but also enhances the parent-child relationship. ”
“I have personally experienced this with my daughter Danielle and I hope more parents will start applying this practice of encouraging learning through play. These are the key messages we hope we to drive home to parents throughout Malaysia through the expansion of our Parent Ambassador Programme,” she added.

With a localized ad campaign in play, Wong Lai Kwan, Senior Brand Manager Mattel Southeast Asia says that this programme accentuates Fisher Price®’s values to continuously provide innovative, durable and safe products to further support the environment in which children can grow, learn, and get the best possible start in their lives.

Meanwhile, Vince Tan commented, “Melissa and I are both very excited to be a part of this programme. From the very day we discovered we were going to be parents to triplets, we started to conduct research on how to raise triplets and ensure that they have a strong foundation on which to grow and eventually become exceptional individuals. Sharing similar beliefs as Fisher-Price®’s does in raising children, we feel very honoured that they selected us to be a part of their mission to spread the Joy of Learning to other parents,”

All Fisher-Price® Play Ambassadors will actively endorse Mattel Fisher-Price® via a multi-media campaign which will kick-start in April; through editorial publications and showcases of the brand at promotional and marketing events.

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