ETUDE HOUSE newly presents 2013 Spring Collection - Sweet Recipe

ETUDE HOUSE's brand new ‘Sweet Recipe Collection’ was born inspired by the Brothers Grimm Classic Fairy Tale Hansel & Gretel expressing mouthwatering dessert designed packages, vibrant textures and sweet fragrance to full make-up line & accessories, which all perfectly represent the sweet desert fulfilling the five senses.
The full line of make-up line opens a good way to ease into a make-up enjoyable to make-up beginners.

The new spokesmodel f(x) Sulli & Krystal play a sweet character each who creates the sweetest recipe with SHINee who plays the sweetest owner of a bakery in new CF movie.
Model makeup using ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Recipe Collection

Let us look into the complete range of ETUDE HOUSE's brand new ‘Sweet Recipe Collection’.

Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk

Vibrant & Shiny Jelly textured lipstick supplies moist shine and sweet colors for long wear comfort. The 5 kinds of plant extract help the lips soft and bouncy with sweet jelly scent that lightens your mood sweetly.

There are 8 Colors available;

JPK001 Juicy Lychee Skin
JPK002 Syrupy Strawberry Candy
JOR201 O! Sweet & Sour Orange
JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango
JBE101 Slice of Sour Lemon
JPK003 Sweet Cotton Candy Munch
JPK004 Grapefruit Syrup 2T

Price – RM 59.90  (3.4g)

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base SPF25/PA++
The moist & fluffy choux cream textured makeup base & primer ‘Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base SPF25 /PA++’ completes the skin by holding the moisture and having fluffy finish. The silky control powder controls the sebum to leave the skin flawlessly soft skin for long time. It also supplies moist, bright coverage for flawlessly soft skin.

Available in 3 colors;

#01 Mint Choux
#02 Berry Choux

#03 Peach Choux

Price – RM 69.90  (25g)

Sweet Recipe Candy Stick

With popping colors and fruit scent

Available in 3 colors;

Price – RM 29.90

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

For all over the face for a tinted lovely look

Available in 5 colors;

Price – RM 41.90

Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes

Available in 5 colors;

Price – RM 59.90

Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes

Available in 1 color;

Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter

Available in 1 color;

Price – RM 89.90

Sweet Recipe Chocostick Shadow Brush

Available in 1 color;

Price – RM 29.90

Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails is eye capturing, they really look like ice cream cones with colorful sprinkles on them. Most of the media were eyeing on this during the launch event.
Available in 4 colors;

Price – RM 25.90

Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball (Tool)
Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball is in pastel color and they look like a real cotton candy, delicious!

Price – RM 16.90

Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs (Tool)
Price - RM 15.90

ETUDE HOUSE's ‘Sweet Recipe Collection’ is so cute, I really couldn't resists to get all of them. Happy to live in this Candylicious season, enjoy my make up by ETUDE HOUSE's ‘Sweet Recipe Collection’ while playing Candy Crush hehehe.
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Chuen said...

All their products looks so cute!! :D
Strings Of Memories

Yuh Jiun said...

Omg this is so cute! Definitely win all girls' heart :p

Ana Jonessy said...

OMG SO ADORABLE WTH! HAHA! They make want to get all of the items!

illy ariffin said...

super cute!

cre8tone said...

Really sweet and cute products!~

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

yeah the whole collection is really Sweet and Cute ^ ^

aamiinaa said...

did u sale all of this product ??

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Nope Aminah Faris. You could buy them from Etude House ;)

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