Zesta “Let’s You Do More!”

Springing the slogan “Let’s you do more!” F&N Malaysia, a well loved market leader in the beverage category made yet another impressive introduction with the launch of their latest beverage Zesta, a refreshingly great tasting berry flavored soda. In line with Zesta’s positioning of a trendy perk me up enhance soda; F&N Malaysia held a very innovative press conference with flash mob dancers taking the center stage demonstrating a true sense of liveliness and enthusiasm that is synonymous to the brand name Zesta.
A trendsetter in its own right, Zesta is inspired by the natural properties of the Guarana tropical berries that originate from the Amazon, South America. Guarana berries are not only great in taste but are also a wonderful source of vitality that invigorates the body and mind, and a boost for those on the go. It is designed to meet the needs of discerning consumers who actively seek a lifestyle of enjoyment and great tasting beverages to complement their tantalizing taste buds.

“Zesta is an extension of our already large array of F&N beverages, a beverage that was initiated to complement our existing range of F&N brands, creating a transition vehicle for our growing band of consumers,” said Dato’ Ng Jui Sia, CEO of Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd.

“It is evident today that enhanced sodas have become a global trend and Zesta is the illustration of that growing trend. Zesta is the birth of a revolutionary soda that encapsulates the natural properties of Guarana berries while maintaining its fun and stylish branding as a lifestyle beverage,” added Dato’ Ng.
“It is an invigorating and zesty beverage that promotes vitality and enhances rejuvenation; it also complements the young generation’s lifestyle today. In addition to the great flavor, we are also bringing the Amazonian feel to you with full wrap packaging that has unique tribal motives that illustrates the origin of Guarana berries.”
Zesta is the very first enhanced soda in the market, and its pioneer positioning in the beverage industry will be a forefront choice beverage for those who seek a balance between a great tasting refreshing soda and one that allows them to enjoy the extra boost of performance and confidence.
Zesta is available in 325ml cans and 500ml bottles. The refreshing full range will be available from October 2011 onwards.

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