For Popcorn lovers

I love Popcorn, do you? I have recently tried on some new Popcorn available in Malaysia and here is my review of them.

1) Planet popcorn
Planet popcorn is originated from Taiwan. There are a lot of flavors like original, caramel, seaweed, curry, cheese, chocolate, wasabi and coffee. You can try all the flavors at the counters before you buy. It cost me RM7.90 for an Original pack, it taste good and not too sweet. The popcorn can last for a week once you have opened it. It is crunchy still after I kept them in the pack for more than 2 days after opening.

2) garrett popcorn
Needless to introduce more, garrett popcorn is famous in the US, Singapore and Malaysia. It has opened 2 stores in KL at KLCC and One Utama together with Candylicious stores recently. I bought mine at Universal Studio Singapore though. It cost me SGD 11 (MYR 26.95) for a medium Chicago Mix(Mixture of Caramel Crisp Popcorn and Cheese Popcorn). However, we don't quite like it as the caramel popcorn is way too sweet and cheese popcorn is way too soft. The popcorn becomes soft after 2.5 hours. We thrown away half of it because we can't finish them and it has becomes so soft after 4 hours. There gone my money and I swear I will not buy garrett popcorn again, it's expensive and not my cup of tea.  :P

Have you tried any other popcorn? Let me know so I could go and try them out too. ;)

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