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We face legal matters almost every day as we grow older, don’t you agree? From buying a property to the business industry, there could be so many regulations and legal rights that we do not know. It’s good to consult the expects but most of them charge by hour! Could you imagine how much money we gotta pay for all those legal advises? 
Fortunately I came across a website that could help us on legal matters and wouldn’t cost a hole in our pocket recently. Talking about this, I believe most of you have seen my sharing on my Facebook recently on the article that I found on AskLegal.MY few days ago. It was interesting topic and many of you has responded to my post on defining self-defense or a murder in that case.
Thanks to IRR Legal Sdn Bhd for developed the fully-featured website, , which is devoted to enlighten the public about their legal rights and to guide them with their legal problems. It is a website for the public to obtain legal information or guidance for FREE!
What I like about AskLegal’s website is that it contains useful legal information, guidance and resources for Civil, Consumer, Contract, Corporate, Criminal, Family, Industrial, Intellectual Property, Property, General and Constitution. 
 Not only that, the website also contains current news & reports, legal articles, listings of legal events such as conferences and workshops and also a Q&A section where the public may ask questions. And you know what? The ‘Ask Section’ is indeed supported by practicing lawyers and qualified academicians from our local universities. How cool and how thoughtful is that! This website is definitely helpful to all Malaysians.

AskLegal is a good platform to address legal matters, and it has signed letters of intention with University Kebangsaan Malaysia and is in the process of doing the same with Universiti Islam Antarabangsa and other national universities. It is also in association with The Women's Aid Organisation, and Voice of the Children.
AskLegal is also available to all Malaysian NGOs to assist them in effectively spreading awareness and to assist to obtain better reach.

For more information on AskLegal, visit;
Website –


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

good to see such new platform to help people who are not familiar with legal matters like myself :) thumbs up!

xin hui said...

I wanted to share this to my frens and family member.
I should know all this to protect ourselves!

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

This is definitely a great place to source legal advice etc.. I use to always ask my school mate because she is a lawyer.. now I can refer direct to asklegal

Wilson Ng said...

thanks for the info. didn't know there is such service available. thanks again

Emily said...

Am happy to read about this online platform. It is convenient and one gets real and proper legal advice at his fingertips.

GengQian said...

glad to have another platform like this which can be helpful to people who needs help in law. they also help to bring the cost down, kudos!

Sharon Lee said...

Its great to have legal to be in apps and online! It was really convenient for people who are not familiar with legal =D

Johor Kaki said...

Interesting! :-D I have questions on copyright issues in blogging. Would such issues be relevant for this website?

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