Get Healthy with Oat Krunch and Join The “Healthy Nation is a Happy Nation” Treasure Hunt to Win Up to RM10,500 in Cash Prizes!

Crunch on deliciously tasty and healthy Oat Krunch, Malaysia’s No. 1^ oat biscuit to join the Healthy Nation is a Happy Nation Treasure Hunt, inspired by the brand tsureo rally Malaysian towards building a healthy nation. Open to all adventure enthusiasts aged 13 and above, the treasure hunt will be held on 28 October 2023 at the Piazza, Pavilion Bukit Jalil from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm.

Embark on an exciting adventure with friends and family by forming a team of three to four members to join this thrilling treasure hunt. Additionally, enjoy a lively Zumba session and a delightful breakfast before the quest begins. Best of all, treasures collected during the hunt will be donated to a charity organization, making this adventure both fun and meaningful!
The Healthy Nation is a Happy Nation Treasure Hunt, which is part of the brand’s healthy and tasty campaign, is to be held in conjunction with Oatmeal Month to promote a healthy lifestyle among Malaysians, encouraging them to embrace the delicious and nutritious benefits of oat and enjoy oat-based meals in different ways! Oat Krunch firmly believes that healthy food can be just as tasty, ensuring that everyone can relish and enjoy it. Made of high-quality imported oats and other tasty ingredients such as dark chocolate and strawberry fruits, each biscuit is free of trans fat, preservatives, artificial colouring and is a source of fibre.
How to Join:

Step 1 – Form a team of 3 to 4 members.
Step 2 – Click on, follow the steps and register.
Step 3 – A confirmation email will be sent after payment verification.
Step 4 – Join the hunt briefing on 25 October 2023 via Zoom

A registration fee applies*
*Early bird-RM130, Normal Price: RM180, each registration fees entitle for goodies worth RM200 (T-shirts, drawstring bags, Oat Krunch Biscuits & Personal Accident Insurance)
Prizes for Top Finishing Teams:
1st Team: Cash Prize of RM4,000
2nd Team: Cash Prize of RM2,500
3rd Team: Cash Prize of RM1,500
4th Team: Cash Prize of RM800
5th Team: Cash Prize of RM450
Consolation Prizes (5 teams): Cash Prize of RM250 each

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure this October! Gather your teammates now and register via this link: (

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^Retail Audit 2022
*Early-bird price is valid until 31 August 2023 for the first 100 team registrations.


Dixon Thum said...

I am joining this campaign too. I hope to win the Treasure Hunt!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Yes. Still got time to join. Thanks for letting me know about the hunt.

Fadima Mooneira said...

I love Oat Crunch Cookies. They are yummy-licious healthy snacks and easy to carry. Thank you for sharing.

yaya_flanella said...

My favourite biscuits! Selalu standby dalam beg for quick breakfast hee. Good luck to all contestant!

仙妮 said...

Ohh yes this is my fav cookies, thanks for sharing this hunt, gonna join in & hope can win la. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

Kitkat Nelfei said...

Wahhh bestnya! Teringin nak join hunt like this bah! I should gather my squad to have fun together!

Sunshine Kelly said...

The prizes are awesome and all the best to the participants

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