The Best U.S Fries in Town - U.S Fries Bonanza 2021

How many of you are a U.S fries fans like me? I love to eat fries because they are delicious, and healthy too! Good news to people from the Klang Valley! In the midst of a full MCO lockdown this June, we are still able to enjoy the Best U.S fries at home made possible with the exciting U.S Fries Bonanza promotion 2021. Mark your calendar as the U.S Fries Bonanza promotion 2021 is available for limited time only from 1st until 30th June 2021.
U.S Fries Bonanza 2021

U.S. Potatoes is in collaboration with 13 participating restaurant chains in the Klang Valley to offer us a wide & diverse range of dishes using U.S. Fries. They are especially prepared to enable the many fans of U.S fries to enjoy U.S. Fries in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Diners can opt to order them for take-away or even more conveniently, you have the easy option of ordering it through your Grab Delivery App (depending on locations). With the press of a few buttons, you can click through the promo menu on Grab, order, sit back, wait for the delivery and enjoy the yummy crunchy U.S Fries.

U.S Fries Bonanza 2021
Campaign period: From 1 June till 30 June 2021
There are TWO simple ways to purchase the U.S Fries Bonanza Promotion Items.

1) Grab App
  • Open your Grab Food App
  • Look for the U.S Fries Bonanza Banner & Click it (you can also search for USPotato if you can’t see the U.S Fries Bonanza Banner)
  • Search thru the list of participant Restaurants and their U.S Fries Items on menu
  • Make your item selection and order accordingly.
  • Once the online purchase been done, just wait for the delivery
  • Enjoy your U.S Fries when the friendly Grab Delivery man arrives with your purchase.
2) Take Away (Order & Self Pick Up)

U.S. potatoes has a high quality with their ideal growing temperatures and grown on rich soil. It has undergone State-of-the-art processing facilities and generations of expertise in U.S Potato farming. Hence, U.S. potatoes contain high “solids” and low sugar content. U.S Potato is more desirable in appearance, taste and texture.

U.S. potato growers offer processors high-quality potatoes from a plentiful year-round supply. The U.S. industry standards are demanding and must meet all Food and Drug Administration and USDA specifications. Hence, 
U.S. potato has always be my first choice when comes to potato. They are indeed the Best potato in town.
Cheesy U.S. Fries from NY Burger Co

Let's check out the participating outlets & their entries on U.S Fries Bonanza 2021 below;

My BurgerLab -  Awesome U.S. Fries
Chili’s - Homestyle U.S. Fries
Staten Island 2.0 U.S. Fries by Mikey's Pizza

Mikey's Pizza - Staten Island 2.0 U.S. Fries; Brooklyn U.S. Fries

NY Burger Co - Cheesy Beef Bacon U.S. Fries; Cheesy U.S. Fries

Strangers at 47 - Shoestring U.S. Fries with Parmesan Cheese; Loaded Cheesy U.S. Fries

Okonomiyaki US Fries from Botanica & Co.

Botanica & Co. - Truffle U.S. Fries; Broken Chili U.S. Fries; Okonomiyaki US Fries; 
Tom Yum US fries

Burger On 16 - Cowboys U.S. Fries (Beef), Cowboys U.S. Fries (Chicken/Vegetarian); Pepperoni Cheese U.S. Fries

Carl’s Jr
- Beef Chilli Cheese U.S Fries; Crosstrax U.S. Fries

K Fry - Bulgogi U.S. Tater Tots; Dak Kimchi U.S. Fries

KGB - Texas Jalapeno Cheese U.S Fries; Kimchi U.S. Fries

3 Little Pigs - Buffalo U.S. Fries; Cajun U.S. Fries

The Owls Cafe at Happy Mansion - Waffle U.S. Fries; Mentaiko Waffle U.S. Fries

Jinjja Chicken - Tteokbokki U.S. Fries; Sesame Seaweed U.S. Fries
Loaded Cheesy U.S. Fries by Strangers at 47

I simply love all these hand cut U.S Fries that are rich and creamy in taste. Each of them is unique in its own taste hence I bet you wouldn't want to miss these Best U.S Fries in town! Start order yours's now before it's too late.


Rawlins GLAM said...

Now you make me crave fries. Gonna have them for lunch later - via Grab of course.

Suria Amanda said...

Wow..this is my daughter's fav...really looks tempting and definitely will order from the online platform. Thanks for sharing dear...

Yanie said...

Oh my oh my it’s Monday morning and you are tempting me to go look for cheezy fries 😹 Wohoo now ada excuse nak order fries online hehe gotta try this😋

Ezna Khalili said...

Sekarang ni paling senang order online je sebab tak nak ke sana ke sini hehe. Tau tau makanan tiba je.

Unknown said...

Yummy!!....fries are my favourite. I can eat them any time of the day. Going to try these too.

Bae Roslan said...

i suka kalau fries celup dalam air coke haha, nampak fries ni macam sedap je, nanti boleh cuba

Ummi | Ummi Goes Where? said...

I love potatoes in all their many forms. But especially waffle fries!

ummizarra said...

Sedapnya US Frise ni. Anak-anak suka makan frise. Boleh try nanti makan dgn family.

Marina Bashah said...

Woww fries dia nampak menarik sangat. Kalau dekat bolehla order ni. Tapi jauh

Zharif Azis said...

aduiii jadi lapar bia baca pasal fries nie. Tengah lockdown nie semua fast food restaurants yg u senaraikan di luar kawasan. foodpanda pon xcover area rumah i. sedih ja

Sis Lin said...

Uiii loaded cheese tu sedapnyaaa... ini kalau nampak anak ni, memang habis laa sakan dia orderrr...

Eiza GreenAppleKu said...

Sedapnya makan fries panas-panas. Dan ada pelbagai jenis fries. Sambil baca artikel dok terbayang keenakkan fries!

SalinaJohari said...

Nampak sedap dan fresh je fries . Nak orderla untuk anak anak . Sure dyorang happy sebab sekarang ni mudah dapat.. just order online. Pasti tak mengecewakan

Kitkat Nelfei said...

I miss and craving for fries now.. Right timing that I found out this.. Okay, time to place my order for my lunch! :)

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Sedap tengok menu ni. Nanti boleh try.. tgk.keju tu nampak tempting betul

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

Bestnyaa ada festival fries. I rasa buat content restoran apa yang serve and jual best fries pun ok juga kan.

Sunshine Kelly said...

Oh yumsss! i like fried and the Truffle U.S. Fries; Broken Chili U.S. Fries; Okonomiyaki US Fries; Tom Yum US fries are my favourite

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